The 5 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019

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A beautiful lawn is on most people’s wish lists, but in order to achieve that, specific equipment and a bit of effort is required.

In this case, a lawn edger is what you’re looking for.

What does a lawn edger do? It basically helps you to achieve the aim you’re looking for, e.g. a garden which wouldn’t look out of place in a home and garden magazine!

Put simply, a law edger is a machine which has a spinning blade, which spins virtually and is extremely powerful.

This machine will trim the gras which annoyingly grows alongside the edges of your paths and lawns.

By trimming these in a careful manner, you’ll notice a much easier to maintain garden, but it will also look fantastic!

Of course, you could use another type of garden tool to achieve the same look but you would fall short of the mark.

A lawn edger is designed with this task in mind, and specialises in these hard to reach areas with extreme precision.

A pair of shears would create a look that could only be described as ‘hacked at’, and a regular lawn mower would easily miss blades of grass, simply because it’s not built for the particular job.

In this case, you need a lawn edger in your life!

The main tasks which a lawn edger can complete are:

  • Trimming the grass which grows along pathways to your regular lawns
  • Trimming grass which grows around your flower beds and creates an unsightly look
  • Trimming certain types of plants to create a more streamlined and tidy look

The Main Benefits of Purchasing a Lawn Edger

You might think that the benefits surely speak them themselves, but for completeness’ sake, let’s sum up some of the benefits that you might otherwise not have thought about.

  • Your overall lawn will look tidier as a result – A well-kept lawn should have a slight space between the grass and the flower beds, and a lawn mower is not able to create that appearance with the neatest outcome. A lawn edger is smaller and has a defined blade which helps to create those definite spaces, giving extra definition to your garden and the various sections which run along and between it. This in turn will make the flowers which are planted within your garden stand out more, which is what they’re there to do!
  • Gives your plants extra protection – By edging your garden and lawn you are creating that all-important barrier between flowers, plants and your general grassed area. Children, pets, and people in general all run on lawns, without much thought about what is next to it, especially if there is no defined gap. An edger can help to create that barrier between the different areas and therefore protection your flowers and plants from being accidentally trampled on. In addition, lawn edging can help to create a barrier to the roots, so grasses and weeds from your lawn can’t infiltrate into your flower beds and cause havoc.
  • Very easy to use – Just as a lawn mower is very easy to use, so is a lawn edger. The line you create will be super-straight and you won’t need to train yourself to achieve it; the machine is designed to do just that and achieves it with ease. You can also easily create curves and arcs; you don’t have to go in a perfectly straight line!
  • Helps to highlight the various parts of your garden – A lawn edger creates those gaps between flowers and lawns, as we have mentioned, but by doing this you’re giving definition and drawing attention to the parts that you really want to stand out. In addition, lawn edging also helps to highlight the contrast between house and garden, with those defined lines. All of this can add a lot of appearance value to your home, without really having to do much work!

Different Lawn Edging Types

A lawn edger doesn’t simply create that gap we’ve just mentioned and cut down on those extra bits of edging grasses which cause chaos, it can also be used to create a decorative look to your garden, and a greater amount of definition.

This means you can really go to town on your garden and make it look fantastic.

When you add extra materials to the party, you can really create a look which others will be envious of.

A few types of edging to think about include:

Wood edging 

Yes, wood edging is a thing and it can be used to create a very natural and effective look to your garden.

You can go for a natural look or a more decorative approach.

Many people opt to use timbers to edge their garden and add definition.

Metal edging

If you want to go for a more futuristic and commercial look to your garden space you could use metal to edge your garden and this has the added benefit of being extremely durable and long-lasting.

Plastic edging 

Conversely, you could opt for plastic and go for a very decorative style along the edges of your gardens.

Simply using your lawn edger every so often to sort out the random pieces of grass which decide to grow up against it will maintain the look.

Stone, concrete or brick edging 

By choosing one of these materials you concrete a very sophisticated look to your garden, and you can think about the shape you use, e.g. arcs, straight lines, brick patterns, etc.

Extra plant edging 

You can opt for contrasting colours in your plants to create that defined edge, or you can opt for trees which are higher and of a stronger type.

How you decide to edge your garden is personal choice, but a lawn edger will help to maintain it and keep everything looking sleek and tidy.

Different Types of Lawn Edgers to Consider

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that there are different types of lawn edgers on the market.

Every single product has differences and it’s important to shop around to find the best one for you.

Within that, you need to know about the different types and find the option which suits your garden best, and one which you find easy to use.

Let’s explore the main types of lawn edgers you will come across whilst doing your shopping research.

Gas lawn edgers 

This type of lawn edger is powered by gas and that makes it super-powerful.

This is ideal for larger gardens or for those gardens which regularly have high and strong types of grasses that need to be controlled.

The engines on these types of edgers are quite large and are often measured in cubic centimetres in terms of their power.

The smallest one you will find is 25-50 cubic centimetres, with the largest going up to around 160 cubic centimetres.

You may not need the largest engine, and if you have a regular home garden situation, you will probably be more than fine with the smallest option.

For more commercial settings however, or large gardens which need to be tended to carefully, a larger engine will do the job very well indeed.

The downside of this type of edger is that the size of the machine grows with the size of the engine, so a 160 cubic centimetre lawn edger is going to be quite big and heavy.

Another downside is that this type of machine is quite loud, which may upset the neighbours if you use it on a regular basis!

Electric lawn edgers 

An electric lawn edger is the most common type you will find on the market and the type which is often used in the regular home setting.

You can go for a cordless option or one which plugs into the mains, and the choice is complete yours.

Neither option is likely to be very heavy, which makes it ideal for a beginner to use, but the engines are far less powerful than the gas lawn edger we just talked about.

The engine size of an electric edger is done in volts, and you will find that 18 volts is enough for a regular garden.

Do bear in mind that if you’re opting for a corded edger, go for one which has a non-tangle cord, and a cordless one should have a lithium-ion battery, to give you more battery life.

The main downside of this type of edger is that it isn’t as powerful as a gas edger, and if you go for the corded choice, you’re going to have to remain quite close to a power outlet, as the cords aren’t too long.

For a regular household garden however, this is a good choice which is very easy to use.

Manual lawn edgers 

You will find manual options, however these are far less mainstream nowadays.

These are cheaper, and they are much more friendly for the environment, whilst also being very quiet and light.

The downside is that they are not very powerful and do require quite a lot of effort to use.

If you only have a small garden, e.g. a small patch of grass, then a manual lawn edger could be enough for you, and a great budget option as a result.

String lawn edgers 

A string lawn edger is less common than an electric edger, but they are quite useful and something to think about.

This type of edger can be either electric or gas powered but they need to be carried alone, as they don’t have wheels or blades.

How do they cut the grass without a blade? They have a line made of monofilament inside, and this cuts the grass quickly.

This spins at up to 12,000 rpm, so it is a great option for small gardens which need to be edged quickly!

Is a Straight Blade Enough, or is An Angled Blade Better?

Whilst shopping around you will come across lawn edgers which have angled blades, and this can cause confusion against a straight blade product.

An angled blade basically spins at a different angle to a straight blade, e.g. giving a more decorative finish and different grades to the height of the grass.

A straight blade cuts the grass at a perpendicular angle, and for the most part this is enough for most households.

If you do want to be more decorative with your garden however, an angled blade could be a good addition.

Is an angled blade really necessary? No, but they can give your garden a very attractive finish if you want to be more decorative.

5 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019

Now you know all about lawn edgers, let’s check out five of the best at the moment!

#1 Black & Decker LE760FF Landscape Edger

Our pick

  • Quality

  • Quality

  • Quality
    Our rating

Black & Decker is a big brand name so you know you’re getting quality.

This particular edger has a powerful 11 amp motor which is easy to use and will easily cut the grass which is annoying you around your flower beds and gardens.

There is a built in cord retention system, so you can easily flick the cord back inside the machine when to in use.

The machine is lightweight and very easy to move around.

BLACK+DECKER LE760FF Landscape Edger
BLACK+DECKER LE760FF Landscape Edger


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Depth adjustment to give you a closer cut
  • Big brand name
  • Powerful motor


  • Many uses state that the blade sometimes stops whilst in mid-use

Price: Click here to check the price of the Black & Decker LE750 2 in 1 Landscape Edger on Amazon’s website


#2 Southland Walk-Behind Lawn Edger

Our pick

  • Quality

  • Quality

  • Quality
    Our rating

If you don’t want to carry your edger and move it around, this is a better option, as you simply walk behind it, a little like a regular lawn mower.

The edger has a manual recoil to the cord, five positions for the depth cutting, and a three point blade which is easily adjustable.

This is also a very durable and tough machine, with a strong blade guard for extra safety.

Southland SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger
Southland SWLE0799 79cc Walk Behind Gas Lawn Edger


  • No need to carry the machine, can be pushed around
  • Five positions of depth for cutting
  • Three point blade which is adjustable
  • Strong and durable machine


  • Quite heavy compared to many other machines

Price: Click here to check the price of the Southland Walk-Behind Lawn Edger on Amazon’s website


#3 Sun Joe Shaper Blade Edge

Our pick

  • Quality

  • Quality

  • Quality
    Our rating

For a small to regular sized garden, this is a great choice.

This is a two in one option, as you can use it as a trimmer and an edger.

It is a very lightweight machine, at just over 5lb, and the blade is very precise and powerful.

No need to put this machine together, as it comes already assembled, so you simply take it out of the box and start edging!

Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower
Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawn Mower | 16 inch | 40V | Brushless Motor


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and precise blade
  • Two in one option


  • Quite loud to use

Price: Click here to check the price of the Sun Joe Shaper Blade Edge on Amazon’s website


#4 Worx 12 Amp Edger

Our pick

  • Quality

  • Quality

  • Quality
    Our rating

This particular product is great value for money because it is a 3 in 1 choice, so you can not only do your edging, but also trim and mow.

This options cordless and has a lithium battery.

There is a 12” diameter on the blade, which makes it flexible for different types of land and you can adjust the height just one button.

Again, this is a lightweight choice, at just 6lb in weight.

WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5" Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher, 7.5in, Orange and Black
WORX WG896 12 Amp 7.5″ Electric Lawn Edger & Trencher,


  • Lightweight machine
  • 3 in 1 option
  • Easy to adjust the height
  • 12” blade diameter


  • The battery takes a while to charge up and doesn’t last too long

Price: Click here to check the price of the Worx 12 Amp Edger on Amazon’s website


#5 Ariens Wheeled Edger

Our pick

  • Quality

  • Quality

  • Quality
    Our rating

This edger is wheeled, which means no need to carry or hold it, and you can simply push it along.

The blade is 9” and the motor is quite powerful, so no need to worry about lack of power.

There are four cutting positions and a 4.5” cutting depth, which means the edges of your flower beds will look as pristine as you want them too.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52" Zero Turn Mower
Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower 23hp Kawasaki FR691 Series


  • No need to carry
  • Strong and durable machine
  • Very smooth and quiet
  • Four cutting positions


  • A few users mentioned stalling

Price: Click here to check the price of the Ariens Wheeled Edger on Amazon’s website


Final Thoughts

When shopping around for the perfect lawn edger for your needs, it’s important to this carefully about what you really want it to do.

Do you want to incorporate other features, such as mowing, or is this more than you really need?

By knowing your requirements you will be able to save money but still receive the quality edging that you want for your garden.

The 5 Best Lawn Edgers in 2019
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