7 Ways to Relieve Stress Through Blogging

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Relieve Stress Through Blogging

Everyone’s life has some stress.

And people deal with stress in different ways.

Some exercise, some over eat.

Others talk to therapists, while still more just let it build up.

As you might have guessed, some of these ways are helpful and productive and others are not.

But the basic goal is to reduce your stress, to be more relaxed and, well, happy.

One way you might not have heard of to get to that pleasant state is blogging.

That’s right, blogging can help you reduce your burden of stress.

How? Here’s some ways.

Increase Focus

Writing requires concentration.

You have to think about what you are saying, how you are saying it, what words you choose, and more.

That requires focus on the task, which in turn pulls you away from focusing on what is causing you stress.

You are accomplishing something, working and achieving.

That can be rewarding just by itself and give you a boost which will reduce your stress levels.

Having a productive task to work on, one that gives you a sense of accomplishment and perhaps even pride, can do a lot to defuse stresses in other parts of your life.

Boost Self-Awareness

When you blog, especially if you blog about yourself and your situation, you have to think about what is going on in your life and in your head.

You need to analyze yourself and in doing so you will learn about yourself.

You may even learn about what stresses are affecting you and how they come about.

Just being aware of what is happening to you and what is causing it can be a real step forward from blundering about blindly and staying wound up tight.

This kind of self-knowledge has been known to relieve stresses simply by identifying them and letting you think objectively about them.

Process Emotions

Once you know what is happening in your life, you can now think about what you feel about these things.

Working through your reactions, processing what you felt at the time, what you felt later, and how you feel now can lead to more productive ways of reacting to stress and perhaps a lessening of the stresses impact on you.

In the very best cases you can see that you overreacted and figure out ways to cope and defuse situations that caused you stress.

And getting those emotions out into the light and thinking them through takes some of the stress out of them right there.

Purge Negativity

Once you’ve got some of these things down, analyzed what happened and your feelings, you can find the negative emotions and reactions and work to get rid of them.

Purging yourself of negative feelings and ways of thinking can be difficult, but you have your blog to work through different ways of achieving it.

Talking about your reactions and how they characterize a negative approach to the problems can let you admit you made mistakes and give you incentive to fix them and improve.

See New Perspectives

As you write about your current problems and situations, you will likely begin to see some of them in a new way, shifting your perspective of what happened, how you contributed to it, and what you could have done differently to either avoid the situation, or reduce its impact on you.

Getting things outside of yourself, putting them down in a blog, can let you examine them from the outside and see things in a different light.

Instead of being trapped in your head causing you stress, they are written down in a safe form.

You can read them, or not, stop whenever you like and think about each step that happened figuring out what led to it and what could have been done differently.

Taking your problems outside yourself can help you solve them and can reduce your stress over them.

Gain Listeners

Human beings are social animals.

They make friends, share stories, and talk to each other.

A blog is yet another way of communicating between people.

And gaining more listeners fulfils that social need to be heard.

Telling someone your problems, even venting in anger, is a stress relief just like a safety valve.

Some people even use a listener to help them solve problems by making themselves describe the problem from the most basic level on up.

It’s known in some circles as Rubber Ducking, because the problem solving aspect can be done by explaining to anyone or anything, even a rubber duck.

But stressful problems are best addressed to a real audience, like the readership of a blog.

Get Advice

Finally, there’s the comment section.

While a blog is primarily about distributing information from you, the blogger, to your audience, they can also return the favor with their comments.

Whether they are simply telling you they heard and sympathize, or actually giving concrete advice, you now have a feedback loop where you talk, they listen, and respond.

A simple response can be a great stress relief, but good advice is priceless.

Unfortunately you must be careful, because not all the advice will be good.

In fact, in some cases it might be intentionally attempting to do harm.

Keep in mind that besides your loyal readers there are trolls stalking the internet, just looking to cause trouble. R

ecognize them when you see them and ignore their bad advice.

So that’s some ways you can deal with your stresses.

And certainly, don’t add starting a blog to your list of stresses.

It’s surprisingly easy to reserve your blog’s domain name and get it set up.

There’s are many sites with step by step instructions for setting up a blog and more with advice on how to gain a wider audience.

But as you’ve seen, it’s not even necessary to have readers to gain stress relief from blogging.

All you need to do is write.

You have some time.

Go, blog, and relax.

7 Ways to Relieve Stress Through Blogging
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