Cellulite Treatment: Does it Work? Is it Worth the Investment?

 Cellulite Treatment: Does it Work? Is it Worth the Investment?

‘Cellulaze’ cellulite treatment has mixed reviews

Cellulite is the dimpling of skin which was once flat and smooth and is a very common occurrence in women.

Cellulite is an effect of a weakened connective tissue; our second layer of skin, and it’s normally found on the buttocks and thighs.

The weaker this tissue, the more space for fat cells to poke upwards from underneath. This results in the bumpy, uneven appearance of cellulite.

Often misunderstood, cellulite is not a consequence of weight gain. In fact it has quite a logical cause and this is also why it can occur just as frequently in lean and slim women.

Its presence on the outside of your body comes down to the condition of your connective tissue and that is dependent on a few things:

  • how active you are with exercise;
  • how inactive you are in your lifestyle;
  • your diet and the ways food intake benefits and hinders cellulite;
  • habits such as smoking and alcohol which have a negative impact on your body;
  • natural ageing;
  • hormonal imbalances and medical conditions.

These factors link to your blood flow, circulation and fat cell size.

As your blood flow and circulation are the direct link to how collagen is naturally produced in your body. When your circulation slows, collagen production also slows. This results in the loss of elasticity in your skin and connective tissue, therefore cellulite becomes more noticeable.

Further to this, foods that increase the size of your fat cells also aid in making cellulite more prominent.

There are things that can’t be controlled such as simply getting older, a job that requires you to sit at a desk all week or a medical condition/injury that either has an indirect link to your blood flow or causes you to be inactive.


Do medical treatments work?

There is still very little scientific proof that medical treatment is effective

Based on this information about the connective tissue, we understand that cellulite is not a medical condition. There is no magic pill and it cannot be ‘cured’.

Unfortunately that doesn’t stop countless companies trying to make money off of the majority of the population who suffer from cellulite. They promote cures and solutions with wording that simplifies the eradication of cellulite and they play on low self esteem.

Many of us have gone searching for cellulite solutions and there is an abundant amount of procedures and creams available for you to try.

Unfortunately there is no scientific evidence highlighting that any of these options work. There have been no studies or experiments performed on a large enough group of subjects to rule definitively that there are medical procedures that can completely get rid of cellulite.

Further to this, the internet can be a scary place with the amount of self evaluations available to desperate women searching for what they want to hear.

Quite often the people who claim to have found a cure or have experienced fantastic results are being paid to say so.

We can’t always trust what we read online. Even in the cases where before and after photos are produced, this doesn’t provide definitive proof either.

What are the best medical treatments available?

The medical procedures available for cellulite can range from clinic visits at more affordable prices to “significant under-the-knife” operations leaving you thousands of dollars out of pocket as well as bruised and battered.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research on these procedures. Not only are they expensive, they cannot yet be backed by science and they can leave your body in worse shape than it was before.

We’ve highlighted some of the common procedures below that are promoted to cure cellulite and hopefully this will help in your search for honest information.

Medical Procedures aimed at cellulite sufferers

Cellulaze (around $5,000 per session)

cellulite treatment
‘Cellulaze’ cellulite treatment has mixed reviews

Cellulaze has gained a lot of traction online for it’s alleged ‘amazing results’ but if you read about these results you will notice that they are either endorsed by a surgeon who performs the procedure (and profits from it) or from an unidentified woman writing an extremely positive review with no pictures or proof of success.

Prices for Cellulaze are extremely high and it’s recommended to attend up to eight sessions.

Not only do you have to spend around $40,000 to complete the treatment plan, you will also be advised that the results will only last around three years and that is dependent on properly maintaining your body.

So what is Cellulaze? It is a catchy name for laser treatment to your cellulite effected areas.

The procedure is marketed to stimulate collagen production and is performed with a small laser that gets inserted underneath the skin.

It’s performed by a plastic surgeon as requires small incisions to be made for the laser insertion and they gradually work through the cellulite effected areas to break up fat deposits.

Laser treatment of cellulite is a technology that we will continue to witness grow and advance but so far scientific studies cannot confirm that it will work for you.

Surely you agree that lack of evidence supporting its success is a huge factor to consider if you’re looking at spending such a significant amount of money?

Phosphatidylcholine injections (ranging from $300 to $700 for a complete course)

Phosphatidylcholine injections image
Results from this procedure have still not been proven

The injection of phosphatidylcholine into fat deposits is another suggested method of cellulite treatment, marketed as “body contouring”.

Also known as Lipodisolve or fat dissolving injections, this is performed on a patient by a qualified practitioner. It is known as an alternative to liposuction due to the ability to gain a similar outcome with a less invasive method.

During your session, fat cells are injected multiple times with the phosphatidylcholine chemical, using up to five needles. This is made of soy bean oil and is also found in foods. They claim that the injection also includes nutrients to assist the process.

The objective of these injections is to shrink fat cells yet it doesn’t address the condition of your connective tissue. It may be an (unnatural) solution to losing some weight but it should not be used as a method to eradicate cellulite.

It is claimed that a side effect of this procedure is tightening of the skin, but once again this hasn’t been proven. Regular sessions over two months are recommended and swelling and bruising is expected during recovery.

Liposuction (starting from $3500 per treatment)

liposuction for cellulite
In certain cases liposuction can make cellulite worse

Liposuction is an invasive form of fat removal, commonly known as a type of cosmetic or plastic surgery.

It involves the removal of fat via an incision in the effected areas. For example, if you wish to target the stomach, an incision is made wide enough for a suction pump or syringe to be inserted.

It sucks out the fat cells lying below. The cost is also dependent on the size of the area, the amount of fat that requires removal and the anaesthetic and hospital fees specific to you.

This procedure is of huge concern to cellulite sufferers as it does nothing to tighten skin tissue and there have been reports of cellulite appearing more obvious after liposuction procedures.

Some doctors may explain that it is not a weight or cellulite reducing option while other clinics promote it in a misleading manner simply to get clients.

Subcision (one-off sessions are around $3500 – $5000)

Once again, another mildly invasive procedure, subcision is the process of cutting the bands of connective tissue beneath your skin so that fat cells are able to fall back into place.

This is performed by a surgeon with a small, needle-like blade that cuts the bands in pre-determined areas. Cellfina is a brand of subcision promoted by clinics and is FDA approved in the US. It is aimed to be a once-off method with results that last up to two years.

When reading about the cutting and release of the bands of connective tissue, it’s hard to understand how this is not having the opposite effect on cellulite, giving fat cells more room to move and creating less elasticity and skin tone.

Endermologie (around $300 per session)

Endermologie for cellulite
Endermologie is the least invasive procedure

Endermologie is the least invasive procedure of the above as all the work is performed to skin externally.

You are required to wear a body stocking as a therapist massages your cellulite effected areas with the specially designed, hand-held machine. It pulls your skin upwards while kneading skin tissue and stimulating fat deposits which is also claimed to stimulate collagen production.

Up to ten sessions are normally required and it takes around 45 minutes per session.

If there’s anything positive to say about this treatment it’s that there are no incisions or needles required.

It is also said to be painless and there is no bruising or discomfort afterwards.

Again research suggests that this method is ineffective in improving the appearance of cellulite.

Natural is better

Green Tea Cellulite
There are much more effective natural ways to get rid of cellulite

As you’ve read through the details surrounding these medical procedures you can see that they don’t address the underlying cause of cellulite.

Marketing gimmicks that play on insecurities are rife in the media and it’s easy to be mislead. It’s only natural to want to find a cure or solution to control a physical attribute that has an impact on your self esteem or willingness to show off some skin.

However its very important to understand why you are experiencing cellulite and address minimising in a natural manner. What is more important than the ongoing health of your body?

Stay active and eat wisely

We touched on lifestyle factors that influence cellulite at the start of our article.

Things such as exercise, inactivity and diet and we recommend that you shift your focus to these things if you want to find natural methods to minimise the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Keeping in mind that collagen is produced naturally within the body as a result of good circulation and blood flow.

Now imagine your buttocks and thighs sat in a chair, all day long. Do you think there is much blood flow or circulation getting to those areas? Unfortunately not.

Exercise and inactivity play a huge role in the blood flow of your body and therefore the production of collagen so this should be your first plan of attack on cellulite.

Where do I start?


Squats to reduce cellulite
Squats are a great targeted exercise

If your job prevents you from being active, find ways to take short breaks or get up and stretch. More importantly, a regular exercise regime not only keeps your blood circulating, you can target cellulite effected areas to tone your skin.

We recommend cellulite targeting exercises such as squats and lunges or weight training that strengthen muscles and get your blood pumping.

If you’re able to incorporate an exercise regime and healthy eating habits into your lifestyle, you are on the right track to seeing results.



Salmon contains properties that help to stimulate blood flow

The food we put into our bodies contribute positively and negatively to cellulite depending on what they are.

For example, sugar, fatty foods and white, fast-absorbing carbohydrates all have an impact on expanding your fat cells.

While foods such as dark leafy greens, cayenne pepper and salmon contain properties that either stimulate blood flow or collagen production.

Lastly, a sufficient water intake keeps the body hydrated and leaves it less vulnerable to losing skin elasticity through dehydration.

Need more help?

If you’re looking for some help in this department, we highly recommend The Cellulite Factor program.

Sometimes the amount of information on exercises and correct food choices can be overwhelming and confusing, but this program sums up all the relevant and most effective information in one easy-to-understand package.

The program educates you on the right choices for your lifestyle including exercise tutorials and recipes for healthy meals.

We recommend this sort of approach to combating cellulite because not only is it natural but it trains you to look after yourself and hopefully develop healthy habits for long term health and fitness.

You can read up on our Cellulite Factor program review here as we’ve explained it in detail.


We urge to read as much as you can and educate yourself on cellulite and healthy living.

Go searching for information so you can make the best, educated choices for your body. The medical procedures aimed at cellulite are not the answer for long-term health let alone a cure for the problem.

Look into diet and exercise and treat the cause not the symptoms. We assure you that your body will thank you and you’ll save a lot of money in the process!

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