The Top 5 Cellulite Brushes That Can Help Banish Cellulite

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Five Best Cellulite Brushes in 2018

Cellulite might not be harmful, but it is certainly annoying. In the worst cases, cellulite can be extremely damaging to self esteem. There is no reason to worry about cellulite forming on your own body, becuase it’s so unbelievably common these days, you’ll struggle to find someone who doesn’t have any! Despite that, there are many things you can do to try and reduce the effects of cellulite, and therefore bring back your blooming self confidence.


Cellulite is simply a case of fat cells underneath the skin, pushing upwards against the connective tissue which lay above them. This causes a rippling effect, and can sometimes look like orange peel or cottage cheese. Cellulite can be on any part of the body, but it mostly forms on the backs of the thighs and buttocks. Whether it is summer in your part of the world or not, there’s no reason not to bare your body in a bikini, you just need to get to grips with a few anti cellulite home remedies first, to boost your confidence.


Of course, a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, with plenty of water for hydrating is a great place to start, but there are some more practical methods you can opt for. Cupping is one, general exfoliation and massage is another, but you can make it all much more luxurious and comfortable by using a cellulite brush.


A cellulite brush exfoliates the skin, boosts blood flow, and encourages the body to release toxins and rid them in a natural way. All of this increases collagen production, strengthens the connective tissues, and tones up the skin. There is no downside in any of that!


Because anti cellulite treatments are so prominent on the market today, let’s check out five of the best cellulite brushes, to narrow down your choices. Of course, you will find many different brushes to buy when you shop around, but in terms of reviews, quality, and ease of use, these five are at the top of the cellulite brushing tree!


Top Five Cellulite Brushes


Mila Moursi Rejuvenating Dry Body Brush

Mila Moursi Skin Care have a huge range of different products to choose from, but this particular cellulite brush is one of their best products around. Regular use with this soft and round brush will help to reduce cellulite over a short period of time. The brush is made of boar bristles, which are soft and are designed to glide gently over the skin, when used in a small circulation motion.


This is a very popular product with celebrities, and some fantastic reviews by previous users.



  • Very popular product, with great reviews
  • Soft, round brush which is easy to use
  • Made of boar bristles that glide over the skin



  • A hand-held brush can make it hard to reach the backs of the legs


Sano Naturals Dry Brushing Body Brush

This cellulite brush is 100% vegan and cruelty free, so you get to keep your conscience in tact whilst rubbing away your cellulite! The bristles are shed-proof, so you don’t have to worry about them ending up all over your floor, and the brush is designed specifically for dry brushing. That means you can apply as much pressure as you’re comfortable with, and the long handle helps you reach hard to get to places with ease.



  • 100% vegan and cruelty free
  • Shed proof bristle
  • Specifically for dry brushing
  • Long handle for ease of use



  • Only suitable for dry brushing


Dry Brushing Body Brush

This is a great product for those on a budget, and one which will get your blood circulating and nutrients flooding to the right areas in just minutes! Made of boar bristles, the hairs are soft and don’t shed, and there are plastic nodes spaced equally throughout the bristles, to help give a more thorough massage, and therefore rid cellulite from the areas that bother you the most. The brush is also easy to hold, with a handle which fits over the back of your palm, to make those circulation motions for massage much easier.



  • Great for those on a budget
  • Soft boar bristles which don’t shed
  • Plastic nodes spaced within the bristles
  • Easy to hold, with a strap which fits over the back of the hand



  • A long handle would be easier to use


CSM Body Brush For Wet or Dry Brushing

This brush is ideal for travel, because it is small yet very effective. The brush is sturdy and strong, despite its small size, and it is made of wood on the handle section, a strap made of canvas material, and natural bristles which are shed-free. The brush is very easy to hold, and the strap holds it in place, so it’s not going to slip out of your hand if you’re using it in the shower or in wet conditions. There are soft nodules buried inside the bristles, at various intervals, to massage the muscles and further boost collagen production.



  • Small brush which is ideal for travel
  • Natural, shed free bristles
  • Strap to hold the brush in place during use
  • Soft nodules for extra massaging effectiveness



  • Some users felt the nodules were a little too hard, but this is down to personal preference


Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Body Brush

This is a great brush for those who want flexibility, as the long handle can be used for reaching the backs of thighs or other hard to reach places, and the handle then removes, so you can use it as a palm brush for smaller areas. The bristles are 100% natural, and the handle is made of high quality, smooth wood. The handle feels sturdy and strong in your hand, and you can be sure that your hand isn’t going to slip whilst you’re ridding your body of cellulite!



  • Long handle, which can be removed to turn it into a small brush
  • 100% natural bristles
  • Sturdy handle for easy use



  • Some users felt the long handle was a little slippery when used in the shower


A cellulite brush is the ideal way to help rid your body of cellulite, and is also beneficial in many other ways. You can boost your overall circulation and help to massage your muscles, as well as the whole thing feels luxurious at the same time! Cellulite brushes are a double whammy, because they don’t just do what they say on the tin, they also offer a relaxing and beneficial experience in many other ways too.


The Top 5 Cellulite Brushes That Can Help Banish Cellulite
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