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Bliss Fat Girl Slim Reviewed

The health and beauty market is booming. We have a cream, lotion, potion, oil, and scrub for almost every problem and as a result, it can be difficult to figure out which of these products are worth purchasing and which aren’t. Of course, not all products work as well as they claim to, and in this case it’s important to do your research and to find out the good versus the bad.

In this article we’re going to talk about one of the most popular cellulite products on the market, the Bliss Fat Girl Slim. This is a cellulite cream and it claims to contour and firm up the skin, therefore reducing the visual effects of cellulite. We’re going to talk about the pros, the cons, figure out if it works and try and understand whether this is a product worth purchasing or not.

First things first however, it’s important to understand cellulite as a whole before you attempt to treat it. By doing this, you can understand that not all products are going to work and why.

Why Does Cellulite Occur?

Cellulite is a superficial skin problem which is not at all harmful to your health and wellbeing. What it might do is cause your confidence to plummet, if you fixate on it for long enough. Some men and women refuse point blank to go to the beach and wear swimming clothes, because their cellulite is on show. This is a shame, because cellulite is everywhere! Nobody on that beach is bothered about your cellulite, because they’re all too bothered about their own!

Whilst both men and women are able to develop cellulite, far more women are affected; it is thought that between 80-90% of women will suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives. It’s also more likely during middle age, when the body’s natural reserves of collagen begin to dwindle, hormones start to reduce (female hormones in particular) and connective tissues begin to weaken a little.

Cellulite is often called ‘orange peel’, ‘cottage cheese’, or sometimes ‘mattress effect’. This is all down to how it looks, a dimpling, sagging effects of the skin. You can get cellulite anywhere, but it’s more likely to occur on the buttocks, backs and sides of the thighs, and the abdomen. For this reason, many people avoid revealing clothes during the summer and, as before, anything swimming clothes related.

The actual reason that cellulite happens isn’t 100% known, and even though cellulite is a huge problem for many people, it still remains somewhat of a mystery. It is thought to occur because of an interaction between the fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin and the connective tissues which sit on top. As these fat deposits expand, they have nowhere to go, and that means they push upwards, against the connective tissues. If these connective tissues are weak, or if the pressure is enough, the fat deposits will start to show through the top layer of the skin, hence the dimpling and sagging that we all know about.

You don’t have to be overweight to develop cellulite, but you are more likely to notice it if you are. Men are less likely to develop cellulite than women because of the structure of their connective tissues; these are arranged in a criss cross pattern, whereas women’s connective tissues are in a vertical pattern. The criss cross structure is a little more rigid, and therefore it takes quite a lot of pressure for cellulite to show through. It’s not impossible however, and many men complain about cellulite too.

Treating cellulite comes down to personal preference. You don’t have to do anything about your cellulite if you don’t want to. If it doesn’t bother you too much then there’s no reason to purchase creams or other treatments, but if it does bother you and it is affecting your self-confidence then you should probably look into ways to reduce its appearance and therefore help yourself to feel better. Not only are there many cellulite products on the market, but you can also look into lasers and other cosmetic treatments. Do bear in mind however that these are a more expensive option and the results are only temporary; you will need to keep having treatments in a scheduled manner, to keep up with the effects.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Review

Now we know what cellulite is and what causes it, we need to look at our prime product and work out whether it could be an option for you.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim is a cellulite cream, and one which is very popular on the market currently. It has some very positive reviews and it isn’t an extremely expensive product either. This means there is no harm in at least trying it, and the tub is a medium size, so it is probably going to last you a good amount of time after purchasing. You do only need a small amount when using the cream, which is another reason for cost effectiveness.

Most reviews would agree that Bliss Fat Girl Slim is a good basic product. It doesn’t have any all singing, all dancing features, and it does what it says on the tin. If that’s what you’re looking for, e.g. reduced cellulite appearance, then that should be enough for you! The main ingredient in this product is caffeine.

Yes, the stuff you drink in the morning in your coffee!

Caffeine is thought to be beneficial for reducing the effects of cellulite because of its antioxidant properties and because of its ability to break down fat cells and therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite. When massaged into the skin, the cream helps to firm up the area, stretching out the skin at the same time, and encouraging more circulation to go to the affected spot. This also helps to boost collagen production, which makes the skin more elastic and stronger.

The cream itself is quite thick, hence why you don’t need too much of it. It does feel quite heavy, but the good news is that it penetrates into the skin quite quickly and dries fast. The smell is quite citrusy and pleasant, and the drying times around 3 minutes, so you simply need to apply it, massage it in, wash your hands and wait for a few minutes before putting your clothes over the top.

Most reviewers all mention that Bliss Fat Girl Slim really moisturises the skin quite deeply, which helps with a number of skin problems, including cellulite. Dry skin doesn’t stretch well and it’s certainly not very elastic. When the skin is more supple and hydrated, it’s ability to stretch and handle a little pressure is far greater. Again, this is a good nod towards its anti cellulite powers. Despite the thickness of the cream, which may not be something everyone likes the feel of, the cream doesn’t leave an oily residue. That means you don’t have to sit around waiting too long for it to dry and then wash off the top layer. For the price therefore, this is a good basic product, and one which may help to reduce the visibility of your cellulite, if you use it for a long period of time.


  • Good priced product
  • Large tub, which makes it quite cost effective, and you only need to use a small amount at a time
  • Dries quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue
  • Very moisturising
  • Has a pleasant, citrus smell
  • Contains caffeine, which is reputed to help breakdown fat cells beneath the layer of the skin and helps with boosting circulation to a cellulite-affected area and collagen production when massaged in correctly


  • Basic product which only contains one anti cellulite ingredient – caffeine
  • Some reviews state that although the scent of the cream is pleasant, it is quite strong compared to some other similar products
  • The product is quite thick in consistency, and although it soaks in well, some people may not like the heavy feel

Does Bliss Fat Girl Slim Work?

Before we get into the specifics, we should point out that there is no evidence to suggest that any cellulite product actually 100% works, and if you’re looking for a product which will get rid of your cellulite completely, you’re going to be disappointed. There is no cure for cellulite, and no magic answer to get rid of it and reduce the chances of you having it again. What you can do is help to reduce the appearance of your cellulite and change your lifestyle and other factors to try and reduce any further cellulite you might develop in the future.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim contains caffeine, which is thought to help with cellulite’s appearance to a certain degree. One size does not fit all however and you should try a product for yourself before deciding whether it works or it doesn’t. Most reviews of this product are positive, but they all state that it is a basic choice. Is it worth the cost? Yes in many ways. It’s quite low cost compared to some other anti cellulite choices, and the size of the tub means that you can try it and continue using it if you like, and you haven’t completely broken the bank if it doesn’t work for you. If anything else, Bliss Fat Girl Slim will certainly moisturise your skin quite well, which in itself does a lot for elasticity and hydration.

In terms of its effects on cellulite, this is a personal deal once more. Most users noticed a firming effect, and when you use the cream with a massaging motion, you’re stretching the skin and boosting blood flow to the area. When you add in the caffeine content, you’re getting a good attempt at reducing the dimpled effect of cellulite. Will it get rid of it completely? No, but that’s becuase nothing can.

In conjunction with using Bliss Fat Girl Slim, you should also think about making lifestyle changes, which may help to reduce the effects of cellulite too. Change your diet to a healthier routine and stop smoking.Smoking is a risk factor for cellulite, as well as being terrible for your health. In addition, making sure that you get plenty of exercise is key, but make sure that this is a combination of both cardio and strength training. One alone will not do the trick. Good options here are swimming, hiking/walking, yoga, etc.

A sedentary lifestyle is a known risk factor for cellulite, and if you work in a job which requires you to sit down for long periods of time, e.g. in an office, make sure that you get up and move around as much as possible, whenever you can. This will boost blood circulation and therefore help to boost collagen at the same time.

Collagen production naturally slows down as part of the aging process, and this also means that connective tissues may weaken a little. There is nothing you can do about your age, but you can work to make your body as strong as possible, and use treatments such as Bliss Fat Girl Slim in conjunction. Only then will you truly know whether this is the right product for you.


Bliss Fat Girl Slim is a quality product with many high reviews, but it is still a budget option in terms of ingredients. The only active cellulite busting ingredient is caffeine, and whilst that is a potent choice, there are many other products which contain more in the way of effective ingredients, for roughly the same price.

Despite that, the rich moisturising effects of Bliss Fat Girl Slim area great side effect, even if it doesn’t do a huge amount for your cellulite. However, when used in cofunction with lifestyle changes, there is every chance that this product will at least reduce the appearance of your cellulite, and help you to be far more confident on the beach and around the pool this summer.

Bliss Fat Girl Slim Skin Firming Cream
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