Symulast Exercises: 3 Moves to get rid of Cellulite

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Symulast Exercises
Method Symulast Exercises: 3 Moves to get rid of Cellulite

…This is the video of the Better Show segment we were featured in. Below the video are suggestions on how to:

1 – ADD these 3 moves to your Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Routine (if you’ve purchased your private access to it)

2 – Or use them without the full NB/SYM Method for a “primer” cellulite-targeting routine, BEFORE you take the Serious & Real step of doing the complete NB/SYMULAST Method to fix your cellulite program fast and for good.
AS ALWAYS – get clearance from your Doctor before starting any type of exercise method:

If you’ve been given the “green-light” for body-weight movements from your Doctor – then here’s how you can use the 3 moves we demonstrate on the Better Show, to advance your cellulite removal plan.

1 – You can ADD these 3 moves to the complete Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Method

Or, if you’re not in a big rush to get rid of your cellulite problem, you can do them by the following:

2 – Try doing the 3 moves SLOWLY, 5 times each side (right side & left side)
3 – If that was easy – then do them another 5 times each side.
4 – If that was still easy, then try another set of 10 repetitions, per move, per side.
5 – If you feel a gentle “warmth” in your thigh/butt areas – then you’re doing them right :-)
6 – Add another set of each move, on each side, if you like the feeling…
7 – Then STOP and repeat them THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW…
8 – IMPORTANT: If you want to get rid of your cellulite problem ASAP, then watch this Free SYMULAST Method Preview Presentation if you haven’t already


Symulast Exercises: 3 Moves to get rid of Cellulite
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