2 Cellulite Answers and 3 Sweet Photos (+Results)

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2 Cellulite Answers and 3 Sweet Photos

We’ve gotten some very timely and pertinent questions in the last few weeks.. This could have something to do with spring/summer right on top of ladies in certain parts of the world at this time (swimsuits, short-shorts, little dresses, etc…)

So, I thought it would be best to share these with everyone; instead of one-by-one via email.. This saves me and my team a LOT of time :-)

Here are the 2 top questions:


“Hi Joey! ok, I’m really excited to get started on getting rid of my cellulite and I know you’re the man to help me. But, I just need to know if can I view your SYMULAST Naked Beauty instructional videos on my iphone or my ipad? I don’t always get on my computer but I always have one of my mobile devices so that would be perfect.

So, let me know, please!!” — Catherine Baker, UK

ANSWER: YES! …you can access your SYMULAST Method videos (includes the 4 sweet Total-Body Toning videos too!!) right on your iphone, ipad – and probably some of the other popular smart phones out there.

Take a look! Here’s a photo I just took a few minutes ago on my iphone displaying one of the videos. Sweet right?!

SYMULAST Naked Beauty Method on iphone and ipad

If that is what you’ve been wanting, in order to make sure you get rid of your cellulite – well, now YOU GOT IT!! So click here to get your cellulite disappearing and your body rockin’!!


“Joey, I really, really, really want to do your SYMULAST to eliminate my cellulite as I’ve heard amazing things about it from my co-worker (and she is looking so good, I am soooooo envious, omg…).

But I really need a dvd or a book. I am not good with the computer and I like following along on my TV. I am just so used to that I guess I’m old fashioned lol! So, lemme know. And thanks for all you do for us ladies, Joey. // xo Alexandra S from NZ

ANSWER: Yes! we finally got the DVD/Book set combo kit created and ready to ship all over the world!

SYMULAST DVD and Book Set Combo


And today’s Q&A would not be complete without a hot success story email. So…. here we go!!

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: My results from the Naked beauty/Symulast Method! 😀
From: Boria Shapshalova <boria———–@____mail.com>
Date: Sun, April 01, 8:59 am
To: joey atlas

Dear Joey!

I am Boria from Bulgaria. I purchased your Naked beauty Symulast anti-cellulite program last September right after coming back from a 2 week seaside trip. I felt so depressed that I knew I had to start this program right away.

A little history about me: when I was a child I was very very skinny, but with all the teenager changes I gained some weight only below the navel – I looked just like pear. My arms and abs were fabulous and toned and then my legs and butt were horribly flabby like those of a 40 year old woman who never did had any exercising in her life. I had this figure until I went to university.

Becoming a student was a weird experience for me because I hardly had any money to buy food so I drastically lost weight (and was very happy about it because it had happened without any pursuits from my side) That’s when I realised I could actually be slim – my parents are both overweight.

The problems with cellulite started when I was prescribed contraception pills (not only to prevent from getting pregnant but also to help me with some recurring gynaecologist problems).

In less than a month I was fat and flabby again but with a bonus – terrible ugly bumps that went down to my knees! I’ve been to the seaside with my whole family and I had noticed that all the women from my family had the same pattern of cellulite and I perceived it as “my bad genes”.

I didn’t give up though – I put myself through some of the well known programs – the Brazil butt lift, the slim in 6, Cindy Crawford’s videos, bellydancing…

All that for about 2 years. I did lose a lot of the excess weight and I did become better looking and more fit. But none of these programs targeted my cellulite – as if it was tattooed on my butt and promised to never leave and to keep getting worse.

So last year after coming back from a discouraging seaside experience where I would see women with beautiful lower bodies and very few women with that severe cellulite problems like me, I searched and searched until my boyfriend found me your Naked beauty program. I saved some money over the next month and I bought it and started it.

I am ready to show you some results now:) I have no photos of the before status – my laptop broke down and had to be formatted so they are lost. But last week I took some photos of me and I really really want to show you so you can be proud of what I achieved 😀</boria———–@____mail.com>

4 months after naked beauty symulast method

I still have my fight to do – in the sun there still appear some bumps. But the longer I do the Naked beauty, the better I feel about my legs – you see, I know it’s impossible, but I feel like my knees are getting leaner, my legs are elongating, I look leaner and leaner every time I do the program. I love doing it – it’s very pleasant and sweet – comparing to all the blasting cardio and not being able to lift yourself after 2 hours of training every day.

I consider you are my trainer and I know I will never need another one in my life. You are awesome for putting together all your programs, and your whole personal opinion on training itself.

I am so proud of my new body! One week ago I was walking towards the local market and a guy was walking towards me carrying a few boxes of food. When he saw me approaching, he stared at me so hard that he dropped his boxes and the food was scattered all over him and the ground!

I feel sad for the guy, but the feeling I got from this situation was so incredible!!!! I felt like in the movie Memoirs of a geisha where you can be called a geisha if you can stop a man on his way with one look only!

I can’t believe this is me, staring back from the mirror! My female colleagues in the university now come to me and silently ask me “Can you tell me how to make my legs so lean? I remember you were…not so lean before. What changed?” they whisper and hide the fact they ask me such questions – as if they are ashamed, as if their reputation would be ruined if somebody knew they were asking for help.

I don’t mind if you shared my photos with people – I am so proud of myself now! I never believed my body would ever look balanced – the upper and the lower part looking like from one body 😉

I will keep doing the Naked beauty Method – I find it the best thing for me – not only the lower body exercises but the Flat sexy stomach and the toned arms videos – they are awesome gift! I wonder when to start the other free videos? the total body toning workouts and how to combine them with the main routine – if you could answer me that I would be even happier 😀

So there you have it – another happy client :) I thank you for being there! Thank you for ridding my of all the scam swamp out there – that not only is ineffective, but also dangerous!

I could have been injured or could have spent another fortune of fake creams and lotions and massages whose ineffectiveness would have driven me mad. Thank you, Joey, thank you!!!

Boria Shapshalova,
your trainee for life:)

P.S. I will try to find a before photo and then scan into computer for you :)

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2 Cellulite Answers and 3 Sweet Photos (+Results)
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