Cop Cam Review: Is The Wireless Security Camera Worth It?

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Cop Cam Mini Security Camera

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Wireless standalone security cameras are emerging as technology evolves.

With the advent of smart homes, these security systems would gradually become less of a novelty and more of a necessity.  

Already, companies have produced several thousand pieces of such technology.

All of these have several different functions and features which are impressive.

One of which is the Cop Cam. Let’s take a closer look.

Cop Cam Review

One of the best things about standalone security cameras is their simplicity.

For example, the installation of such security cameras in homes can be done simply without the need for any professional help, unlike traditional security camera systems.

Also, the fact that they are wireless also adds a level of movability that traditional security cameras definitely lack.

Wireless security cameras typically have their own power supply such as a rechargeable battery and some claim to have very useful perks.

One of such new devices is the Cop Cam.

The Cop Cam is manufactured by the makers of Atomic Beam and it is advertised as a great alternative for an expensive home security camera system.

It is also advertised to have diverse uses such as even using it as a body camera or a dash cam.

Is the Cop Cam really worth it or is it just a novel idea that lacks everyday practicality?

What is the Cop Cam?

BulbHead As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Cop Cam Mini Security Camera, Wireless Security Camera
BulbHead As Seen On TV Atomic Beam Cop Cam Mini Security Camera, Wireless Security Camera, Dash Cam, and Action Cam (1 Pack)

The Cop Cam is tiny, compact and durable standalone security camera which is capable of high-end audio visual capabilities.

These capabilities include recording full high definition videos, the ability to record sounds perfectly and the ability to record continuously when activated by its motion sensor.

The Cop Cam is marketed as the wireless security camera small enough to hide anywhere to record anything whenever motion is detected.

What are the claims and features of the Cop Cam?

The Cop Cam is smaller than one square inch which makes it possible to hide in many different locations.

It is said to be a cheaper alternative to a hard-wired tradition security camera because of its features, such as its size and ability to be hidden away.

cop cam
Cop Cam features

Easy to transfer

Footage recorded on the Cop Cam can easily be transferred to a computer and viewed or share within seconds.

This is possible because of the SD-card slot which is obligatory in any battery powered security camera.

The SD-card slot on the side of the Cop Cam can hold up to 32 gigabytes of data.

This also means that you don’t require an internet connection or Wifi to be able to benefit from the features of the camera unlike other types of cameras in this niche market.

Battery powered

Since the Cop Cam is battery powered, it has no need for wires or electrical outlets when it is in operation which adds to its discreet design and portability.

This feature is advantageous because it could be used in remote areas where there might not be immediate access to electricity such as on a farm, on hiking trips or distance areas.

In this respect, it also trumps security cameras which need Wifi to function.

High quality audio and video

The Cop Cam claims to record good quality high definition videos and includes a great microphone to record clear and crisp audio.

Resolution is a key factor in security cameras.

It should be possible for the security camera to capture the facial features of burglars, clear colors of the clothes thieves have on, number plates of cars and so on.

Good audio quality is also needed to be able to tell what sounds or voices are heard when an intruder or group of trespassers come on your property.

Wide-angled video capture

The Cop Cam is said to capture twice the area of traditional cameras.

It can cover up to 140° of space.

For comparison, traditional security cameras which have standard lenses would have an angle of view of 40° and 62°.

This wider angle of view is remarkable since it means the camera can capture more information if this claim is true.

Night vision

Another great feature the Cop Cam advertises is the ability to record during the night.

This feature is because it is equipped with six individual infrared LEDs.

It is also motion activated.

This additional component preserves the battery life and prevents you from have hours of long meaningless videos.

The Cop Cam has multiple uses thanks to its versatility.

It is said on the box that it could be used as a dash cam, body cam or action cam besides being a security camera.

Unboxing the Cop Cam

After unboxing the Cop Cam, one of the first things you would notice is the size.

It should fit perfectly between your index finger and your thumb.

Since the Cop Cam is smaller than one square inch, you can observe that one of the square faces would be comparable to the size of a coin.

An 8-gigabyte micro SD card is included with the Cop Cam, that should be able to record about 45 minutes of footage.

At least that’s what the Cop Cam claims.

Apart from the 8GB SD card, the Cop Cam box additionally contains a swivel clip, a wall mount, and a USB charging cable.

The swivel clip is supposed to enable the use of the Cop Cam as a body cam.

By attaching the swivel clip to the Cop Cam, you can simply attach it to your clothes or on your body.

The wall mount is for situations where you can simply screw the Cop Cam to a surface somewhere in a home or office.

The USB cable serves two purposes, for connecting the Cop Cam to a computer and for charging the device.

Charging the Cop Cam

One of the first instructions is to charge the Cop Cam but this might be the one of the most confusing aspects.

This is because the Cop Cam offers two totally different indications when charging the device depending on the power supply.

When the Cop Cam is charged through the computer, the lights on the Cop Cam alternate between red and green but when the Cop Cam is charged through the electrical outlet in the wall, the red light blinks on and off.

According to the instructions, when the device has finished charging, the lights turn off when plugged into a computer, but the light stays red when it has finished charging via an outlet.

Some peculiar is that while charging from the wall, the Cop Cam can record video during the entire charging period, but when charging on the computer this does not happen.

Operability of the Cop Cam

According to the instructions, press and hold the one-touch main button for 4-5 seconds, a red light would show on the Cop Cam indicating the recording function is on.

To switch into camera mode, hold that one-touch same button for two seconds.

To capture a photo, press the one-touch button as you would do for a shutter release button for any camera.

The Cop Cam can be used in different settings but it doesn’t produce consistent results.

It is difficult to know what you are recording because there is no way to know what you might be recording from the camera in real time.

The information it offers with the recorded footage is all retrospective.

Most of it functions work but not with perfect execution.

For example, the color in the video can have a purple-like hue or tint while even with clearer images it can be grainy.

In certain situations, as well there is mic skipping where the microphone misses out on recording seconds of details in sound.

While in other cases, the microphone recording is too loud.

The software of the Cop Cam

The software on the device is set up in a way that the recorded video is looped.

What happens when the storage is full, is that the new footage will be recorded over the beginning of the initial recording.

This could be useful if you constantly check footage but in the situation where you would not be able to constantly check the footage it means that you would keep losing footage.

So you might definitely have to change from the 8 gigabyte SD card to something higher if you would want to use this device practically.

One of the most annoying features is the time stamp on every video.

What adds to the frustration is that there are no instructions on how to change this setting yet the time stamp will show a totally different time and can not be updated automatically.

It has to be changed when the Cop Cam is connected to a computer.

You open the USB folder on the computer and you will notice the TIMEREST file, when you open this on the computer it launches the notepad application and there you can change the date that is a format which starts with the year.

But because of limited processing power, the change is not permanent so you have to change again every single time when you put the SD card into a computer.

Besides this, there are many complaints that it works well with only older versions of Windows and might not work with Windows 10 or above.

Additionally, it takes a while for long videos to load when connected to the computer.

It also seems some of the AVI files the Cop Cam creates cannot be readily played on the computer with a video or media player.

The shortcomings of the Cop Cam  

The device weighs 6.4 ounces or 0.18 kg which is very light pick up but means that it might be too much on the heavy side to pin onto your body to use as an everyday body cam.

In addition, the cubic shape makes it difficult to pin it on with the provided swivel clip.

The weight makes the camera point awkwardly downwards and loses the correct orientation and angle of view.

The compact camera also lacks image stabilization which is a drawback when using it as a body cam.

The motion detection on the Cop Cam is not 100% reliable, some times it works with great effect, other times it doesn’t work at all even when the motion is in front of the camera.

The night vision function also lacks some practicality because unless an object is really close, about 3 feet away, it is difficult for the Cop Cam’s infrared LEDs to help capture the image.

Even when it captures the image, the purple hint already mentioned is at its maximum effect.

What devices are similar to the Cop Cam?

There many alternatives to the Cop Cam.

Some have similar designs such as the polaroid Cube.

Others have additional features such viewing the footage directly on your smartphone such as the Aobo spy camera.

The Reolink Go is also a standalone security camera which has cellular capabilities for remote areas.

It uses 3G/4G LTE wireless connections which adds to its versatility and provides security footage without the need of Wi-Fi.

Other standalone security cameras may have special features such as being weatherproof and being both solar powered and battery powered.

How much does a Cop Cam cost?

The price range for Cop Cams vary.

Typically, Cop Cams can cost $49.97.

This sum is derived from two monthly payments of $19.99 and the cost of $9.99 shipping.

But it might be cheaper depending on the retailer.

For $69.96 the double offer is available.

This optional choice offers 2 cameras which each come with an 8-gigabyte memory card and a swivel clip.

There is a deluxe option which is available for $64.95.

The double offer for this is $99.92.

The difference between the regular version and the deluxe version is that the latter has 4 times the memory.

Is The Cop Cam Worth It?

Overall, the Cop Cam is a great idea for a product, but this is not a good realization of the idea.

If its features were properly implemented and worked excellently, it would be a masterpiece of technology.

To overcome some of its shortcomings, it says on the box to install 2 or more Cop Cams.

This makes sense because it would give more range and record more footage from different locations. But will customers be willing to buy more?

The Cop Cam will be worth it to whoever is aware of exactly what they will be getting for their money.

In a set of 50 reviewers, 32% gave it 5 stars while most gave it a 3/5 rating.

The Cop Cam is advertised as the wireless security camera small enough to hide anywhere to record anything whenever motion is detected, this is partially true.

Cop Cam Commercial

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Cop Cam Review: Is The Wireless Security Camera Worth It?
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