Osaki Massage Chair: Is it Worth the Investment?

 Osaki Massage Chair: Is it Worth the Investment?

The importance of massage cannot be overemphasized, it helps in soothing away aches and pains, helps people sleep better and generally relax after a hard day’s work.

There are different ways to conduct a massage, with massage chairs ranking as one of the easiest and most popular methods.

Records show massage chairs have been with us for the last thirty years or so, having been introduced to the consumer market in the 1980s.

The importance of massage 

The chair emulates the techniques and motions that characterize the actual masseuse; the massage chair helps in relieving stress, alleviating back pain and getting rid of body tension.

The chairs slowly caught on when they were first introduced to the market, and, after a period of ten years or so, they became popular, and competitors have spurred the market by producing different types of models.

Why a massage chair?

Massage has been with us for many centuries, used as a way by which people ease and relax their muscles.

When used regularly, the massage chair can be very effective in promoting our daily health through improving and increasing blood circulation.

With a healthy circulatory system, an individual is assured that all the nutrients ingested at a given time will be moved to the different parts of the body, to areas where they are needed at a high and fast rate.

A regular chair massage also provides the body with strength and toning effects.

This ensures that your body is protected from injuries, strains and sprains.

Strong muscles go a long way in ensuring that our bodies aren’t easily injured when we are exercising or engaging in activities that require straining.

Although we have a variety of massage chairs on the market, not all will give the desired results.

One that has proven effective and affordable at the same time is the Osaki Massage Chair.

With this chair, you are assured of relaxation but also strengthening of your muscles any time of the day.

People use it when they are watching television or just relaxing in their sitting room.

Others while they are spending time with their children after school.

Benefits of using a massage chair

benefits of massage

Alignment of the spine and reduction of pressure on the nerves

A reclining massage chair helps to reduce the pressure in the spine; it assists in supporting the back in a position where this part of the body is placed in a horizontal position.

Major nerves run through the vertebrae to the peripheral parts including the toes, hands, feet and fingers.

Tension in the spine or the vertebrae leads to compression.

Relaxation of the muscles that support the vertebrae when one spends some time on a massage chair, the spine get a bit elongated and the vertebrae gain their natural alignment.

When the nerves are relaxed and freed from pressure, the impulses travel easily through the column up to the extreme parts of the body.

Helps in relaxation of the muscles and maintenance of a good posture

Massage chairs can target specific muscles, stroking them from different angles as a way to relieve pain.

Through relaxation of the muscles, the imbalances that characterize the situation are corrected.

With relaxed muscles, the body can now move with increased mobility.

A session in the chair will not only leave you relaxed but also will work greatly for improving the posture and balance of the body.

You will walk up straight and the back part of your body won’t strain while walking or when seated.

Relieving stress

Stress not only takes toll on our immune system but also on our mental wellbeing.

It also affects our sleep pattern, leading to poor appetite as well as high blood pressure.

In dealing with it, our general health will improve as well as our quality of life.

It helps in reducing the levels of cortisol in the bloodstream, something that assists in the control of blood pressure.

Using the massage chair regularly will help greatly in achieving these benefits.

Boosts blood circulation

There is a strong correlation between increased blood circulation in the body and promotion of healing.

Blood helps in the transportation of oxygen and other nutrients right into the cells and organs and at the same time assists in the removal of toxins.

Tense and constricted muscles affect blood flow.

Through relaxation, achieved by using a massage chair, the muscles relax allowing blood to flow easily into the tissues and organs.

This will also help in strengthening the immune system.

Stimulation of the body’s secretion of endorphins

Studies suggest that massage helps stimulate the secretion of endorphins; the neurotransmitters assist in reduction of pain as well as lessening the effects of stress.

 They also create a strong immune response.

Regular massage on a massage chair may lead to increased secretion of the hormone leading to improved quality of life.

Massage chairs and improvement of skin health

With a massage, your skin is heated, leading to an increase in blood circulation in both the skin and other parts of the body.

People get a flushed feeling after the massage; this is mainly due to this effect.

Improved circulation in the body is responsible for the nourishment of the skin and other parts of the body.

There will also be a faster replacement of damaged or dead cells as well as faster growth of new ones.

Overall, the skin’s health improves when you regularly use the massage chair, your skin will glow and the pigmentation will glow as well as disappearance of superficial scars and marks.

Apart from improving blood circulation and relaxation, heating of the skin through massage opens up the sweat pores.

This helps in getting rid of toxins in the body leaving a healthier and cleaner body.

Helps in improving breathing and air circulation in the body

The amount of air that one gets into the lung is mainly determined by the size of the lungs and chest cavity.

With improved posture and contraction of muscles during a massage session, oxygen intake improves.

There are also longer and deeper breaths during exercise, something that helps in reducing anxiety and physical rejuvenation of the body.

Massage chairs help to improve your digestive health

Massage works wonders in helping improve the digestive process, with the improvement of blood circulation to different parts of the body, there will be an increased absorption of nutrients.

The effect of a massage also extends to prevention of infections in the digestive system as well as alleviating formation of gases and constipation.

Osaki Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair
Osaki OS4000TA Model OS-4000T Zero Gravity Massage Chair

To get the all these benefits, you need to select a massage chair proven to offer the best.

The Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T ranks highly when it comes to this.

The Osaki OS4000TB Model OS-4000T is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair that has been re-engineered and developed to be the next must have in air massage technology.

The model comes with a reduced number of air bags but with an increased volume and surface area of massage.

It also puts less stress on the chair making it one of the most effective and mechanically sound massage chairs on the market.


Lowest priced

One of the factors people consider when purchasing an item is its price, once you are satisfied that the quality is good and it will serve your intended purpose, you ask about the price and compare it with other alternatives in the market.

For the OS -4000 executive massage chair, you are in for a surprise; it is one of the lowest priced on the market.

Looking at the kinds of features that you are getting with the purchase of this massage chair and the price quoted, you are getting a very good deal.

Features such as zero gravity, highly customizable settings and also, preset programs do not come cheaply, but with this massage chair, all these and much more are offered for only $2,400.

For a buyer who is shopping on a budget yet looking for a high-end massage chair, the Osaki Massage Chair is one of the best in terms of value for money. 

Zero gravity

Comfort is everything when it comes to massage, the kind of chair or technique you are using should be able to offer that. 

Zero-gravity was initially invented by NASA when trying to reduce the compression pressure that astronauts face when launching into space.

When in the zero-gravity position, pressure on the body is minimized (and comfort maximized).

With zero gravity technology, you will lie down in the ideal de-stressing position where the level of your feet will be a few inches above your heart.

This allows for increased blood flow, reduction in back pain and may even help reduce swelling and inflammation.  

Enjoyment and customization

The massage chair will give you a relaxing massage, one enjoyable for every member of the family, young and old alike.

It has a number of settings, each of which comes with varying levels of intensity, vibration and heat. With its preset programs, one can relax and get the best out of the massage.


The massage chair ranks highly but there are some cons.

Firstly, although there are claims that it can fit all users (up to those who six foot four inches) those with broad shoulders and those taller than six feet two inches may experience some problems. 

There have also been concerns with after sales support in the past, people who experienced problems did not get assistance on time.

However upon receipt of these complaints, the customer care centre moved quickly to find solutions and the support has since improved dramatically.

Chair controls were also hard to find making it hard to use the chair.

However, the manufacturer has moved quickly to try to solve these problems and allow users to enjoy the full benefits that come with the massage chair.

The newer designs of the Osaki massage chairs have also solved some of the problems that denied users the privileges of enjoying the benefits that come with the chair.

The massage chair is more than 200 lbs, a size that one or even two people struggle to install.

It is quite large and it will take up most of the space in your room.

Therefore, you’ll have to prepare an area with enough space to keep the chair.

In addition, one person may find it difficult to carry out the installation process alone, you will need some assistance. 

Some people also complain about the instructions, since they are mostly written in Japanese, where translation is available, it is done badly enough that one may not understand them properly.

In addition, the time it would take you to fix the chair if you decided to go it alone is close to three hours.

With assistance, this becomes so easy; it can be set up in less than thirty minutes.

Fortunately, these problems can be solved by getting the right translation and asking for assistance.


Although, like any massage chair, the Osaki Massage Chair may have some issues, (which we have identified the solutions to) it remains a very popular model. And for good reason.

The affordability, and convenience it brings and the after sales support that one gets makes it a must buy for those who would like to enjoy the best in massage chair technology.

If you assemble and use it properly, the chances that you may need after sales support are rare, so even if there is a problem in that department, it may never affect you.

All in all, this is a fantastic purchase for people who are looking to relieve pain, reduce stress and other benefits that come with massage chairs. 

If you’d like to compare this with other massage chairs, see our article comparing the best massage chairs in the market today.

Click here to access the Osaki Executive Massage Chair on Amazon’s website.

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