Natural Stool Softener: The 10 Best Natural Stool Softeners

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Natural Stool Softener
Natural Stool Softener: The 10 Best Natural Stool Softeners

Natural Stool Softeners

Passing stool uncomfortably is very common and nothing to be embarrassed about.

It’s something that almost everyone has been through at one time, but thankfully there are many solutions out there that can help with the problem.

There are drugs to help with the problem, but they are to be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Many natural and herbal remedies exist that will help relieve you of your problems and take away your discomfort.

It’s important to choose the best Laxative solution for your body.

Sometimes you many require a short-term solution, however, there are also long-term changes that may help you lead a better quality of life.

Some of the solutions can involve food or drink, while others involve a change of lifestyle to promote better body health.

As the pace of life continues to get faster and faster people can often lose sight of what their body needs.

This neglect can lead to unwanted side effects including the difficulty to pass stools easily.

Pass Stool Softeners without fear of pain or discomfort

This article will be able to guide you through the various ways that you can increase your levels of comfort and once again pass stool without fear of pain or discomfort.

That is, without having to turn to your doctor, even though you should always visit one if you feel that there may be a long-term problem.

There can be many reasons that your body is struggling with stool movements, and they may not all be down to your diet, although a lack of fibre can be a huge warning sign for poor bowl movements.

Other triggers can be stress, dehydration or lack of sleep.

Whatever the cause, if you’re struggling with bowel movements then you need help, and this guide will give you the information required to be at comfort once again.

The 10 Best Natural Stool Softeners

10. Senna

Stool Softener 100mg 100
Senna Stool Softener 100mg 100

While Senna may be seen as taking the drug option to relive your symptoms, it is a herbal remedy that is proven to work, which can be taken either orally or rectally.

The right stool softener you should use has a lot to do with what level of discomfort you are in. Senna is a sure-fire solution that that will work straight away if you are looking for a natural short-term solution to your problems.

It is a natural laxative that won’t take long to take your discomfort away, it’s not something you should be relying on all the time, but it’s a great option if you need that immediate help.

Generally only available over-the-counter or online, it’s important to consult your doctor if you feel the need to keep coming back to taking it.

A negative is that it is not often recommended for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease.

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9. Mineral Oil

UltraCruz Mineral Oil Light, 1 Gallon
UltraCruz Mineral Oil Light, 1 Gallon

Oil and water don’t mix, which, for comfortable movements, can be a good thing.

Drinking mineral oil will lubricate your stools by giving them a coating of oil that will lock in moisture, meaning that none is lost when trying to pass your stool.

Other oils can be effective, but mineral oil is generally preferred as it offers the best results.

With this solution however, comes a health warning, like Senna it cannot be taken by pregnant women, and also with children in would be best to consult with a doctor before use.

Mineral oil can be very effective, but should only be used should you absolutely need it and not for prolonged use, but the coating it can provide throughout your system can ensure the easy passing of stool.

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8. Probiotics

Nutrition Essentials #1 Rated Probiotic
Nutrition Essentials #1 Rated Probiotic

One of the possible problems that cause hard stools is a negative balance of bacteria in your gut. Probiotic foods aim to address this imbalance and allow you to return to your normal state.

One of the best areas to improve this in your system is by eating yogurts which are a fantastic source of healthy bacteria.

On the market now there are many probiotic supplements that are able to deliver a large dose of healthy bacteria.

These supplements work and are good for your body, but in a regular diet having a few yogurts a week would be enough to keep the harmful bacteria in your stomach at bay.

Probiotics can improve the consistency of your stool while also increasing the amount of times that you need to pass stool, allowing you to have a healthy and balanced system.

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7. Epsom Salt

Epsoak Epsom Salt 19lbs Magnesium Sulfate USP
Epsoak Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate

With any of these non-dietary solutions, they shouldn’t be seen as a long-term solution.

Should gastrointestinal problems persist, then you need to speak with your doctor.

However, Epsom salt can be a great way to relive your symptoms and one that not many people expect.

The reason for that is because Epsom salt is generally associated with relaxation of your muscles.

That relaxation can extend to your bowl if taken orally.

It won’t be very pleasant to drink, but can be very efficient at reliving short-term constipation.

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  1. Flaxseed

Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseed
Spectrum Essentials Organic Ground Flaxseed

While flaxseeds do provide a source of fibre which will help add bulk to your stool so that it can easily pass through your intestines, there are also many other qualities to the seed.

They are high in fibre, but also low in carbohydrates, which make them a must for adding to your regular diet. They also lower cholesterol and support good digestive health.

Not only that, but they have also been linked with preventing cancer and losing weight, and they are also high in anti-oxidants. Not only do they help soften your stool, but they have many other benefits that should make them a vital part of your food intake.

They can be eaten whole, but can also be included in many recipes as they are almost tasteless and can be used to add bulk to any of your meals.

If you want a shortcut, then flaxseed oil is also available, which can be taken directly or in tablet form.

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  1. Walking

While walking may seem a curious cure for a medical condition, it has been proven to help with people suffering from constipation.

Exercise can stimulate digestion by moving stool throughout your gut as your body moves around.

While other forms of exercise could also help, walking is a comfortable way of helping the problem.

It’s not only the movement of your body that can help soften your stool, weight loss has been linked with helping reduce gastrointestinal problems so regular walking can help stop the problem returning in the future.

Just allocating a short amount of time each day for a walk can help your current problem, as well as improving your health in the future.

  1. Prunes

Signature's Dried Plums Pitted Prunes
Signature’s Dried Plums Pitted Prunes

If you’re looking for the most natural remedy for constipation, then prunes could well be the winner.

This is due to the fact that prunes contain sorbitol which is a natural laxative, which is more effective than fibre alone at relieving constipation.

The advantage of prunes for relieving constipation is that it’s an available solution for all ages.

Prunes would be a good way for reliving constipation in young babies; however, for infants it would be advisable to try prune juice instead of a solid food.

Like many options in this list, not only are prunes a good option for softening stool, but they are also a great addition to your diet due to their antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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  1. Aloe Vera

Organic Aloe Vera Gel
Organic Aloe Vera Gel

There are a few ways that natural laxatives can work, and the way aloe vera does is by drawing more water into the intestine and increasing the contractions that can break down food into your body.

Unlike most over-the-counter medicine, it will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on your body by increasing your mineral and vitamin intake as well as neutralising the acid in your body.

Aloe vera has many qualities that can help your body and improve your stool movements in the process.

It’s a great and natural way to ease the strain your body is under and take pressure away from your bowls, and allow for easier stool movements.

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  1. Water

Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids

It goes without saying that drinking plenty of water can help your body in numerous ways. With hard stools however, the problem can often be that your colon hasn’t received enough water to break it down efficiently.

Not having enough water in your system can be an issue for a multitude of reasons, but you need to make sure that you are drinking enough.

An additional boost to your system would come if you opted for coconut water which has further added qualities of helping your urinary tract, and maintaining your electrolyte levels.

This would be a useful addition to your usual water intake, but normal water would work just fine.

The guidance of how much you should be drinking varies between studies, but if you notice that your stool is dry and your urine is a dark yellow then they are sure signs that you need more water in your system.

Everyone knows that drinking water is vital in making your body work the way it should, but plenty of people still don’t take enough fluid throughout their day.

There can be numerous causes of hard stool, but dehydration is one of the key causes so always make sure you have enough water.

As an added fact, utilising fibre to the best of its ability also requires extra water intake, so combining the two can be a great way to makes sure your stools are soft.

  1. Fiber

FiberFiber is the obvious solution when it comes to softening your stool. It slows digestion meaning the passage of your stool throughout your body is a lot more regulated and easier on your bowls.

The fibre will relieve your constipation as long as you’re taking on enough water to replace any lost fluid.

Fibre adds bulk to your movements, which may seem like a bad thing if you are struggling to pass stool, but in fact it will make them easier to pass as they will have more moisture, will be less dense and more consistent.

Fibres can be broken down into two groups, soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibres can absorb water which enables them to develop into a kind of paste that is easy to pass as it makes your stool softer, while also giving it more consistency.

Insoluble fibre will add that bulk which makes your stool pass more quickly and easily through your system.

Soluble fibre can be found in fruit and vegetables, especially with oranges, apples, dark leafy vegetables and carrots where the fibre will be soluble with the water inside your system.

Insoluble fibre can be found in nuts and seeds which would be a good idea to add to your diet. This is a long-term solution as adding more fibre to your everyday food is always a good idea and will help your stool movements to be regular in time and easy to pass.


Whatever solution you turn to it’s important that any laxatives you take are controlled and are not seen as a long-term solution.

None of these solutions should be seen as a shortcut to weight loss or a way to hide more serious health issues.

Long-term laxative use should always be avoided, unless instructed by a doctor.

If you’re looking for foods to avoid, then it would be wise to reduce your intake of cheese, meat and foods that have been processed.

Also there are things that you should be looking to reduce from your diet anyway like alcohol, fried food and refined sugar that can irritate your bowls.

A balanced diet of ensuring you have more of the healthy foods, and less of the bad, should ensure that your system works perfectly all the time.

The options provided are there to help you in the short-term with the passing of stool, but also as a guide to have a healthy diet so that passing stool will no longer be an issue.

Nature is at hand with many different resources to help with the problem and give you the peace of mind and comfort that you’re looking for.

Natural Stool Softener: The 10 Best Natural Stool Softeners
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