Align Probiotics: A Comprehensive Review

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What are Probiotics?

The word probiotic means “for life”.

When we’re very young, most of the bacteria in our bodies are bifidobacteria, otherwise known as good bacteria.

As we get older, bad bacteria increases and we need to support our good bacteria.

This is where probiotics is so helpful.

Today, our bodies are crowded with all sorts of bacteria.

These can be divided into good bacteria and bad bacteria.

Another term for the good or helpful bacteria is probiotics.

These types of live bacteria are the good guys and we need them to help our digestive system remain healthy.

Probiotics are found in certain foodstuffs such as yogurt and also in various supplements.

Some doctors often suggest probiotics as a supplement to help with a patient’s inner health.

One problem many people face is the belief that all bacteria are bad bacteria.

Some of us are brainwashed into this erroneous belief.

We can and should trust the medical professionals.

There are definitely strains of good bacteria and we should do all we can to assist them do their job in helping our digestive system.

Probiotics are tiny organisms that help in different ways.

They certainly help in the digestion of food.

They can stimulate your body’s immune system and thus help you fight against infections.

And finally, probiotics may even produce one or more of the vitamins your body needs for a healthy life.

How do probiotics work?

It’s not easy to explain and research continues to this day.

Two schools of thought suggest balance and replacement.

Probiotics may help your body achieve a balance of good and bad bacteria.

Remember that good bacteria assist with your digestive system while bad bacteria can produce an upset stomach and other related issues.

Probiotics give the good bacteria a helping hand.

As far as replacement goes, when you take antibiotics to tackle a condition, it’s possible you will suffer a loss of some of your good bacteria.

That’s where probiotics can help in the replacement of new good bacteria.

What conditions are involved?

Probiotics are recommended for people who have a variety of conditions or complaints.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a typical example.

There is research suggesting probiotics assist people to help fight diarrhea, find relief for various skin conditions, assist those with oral health issues, and even help in the prevention of allergies and colds.

What is Align Probiotics?

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Two words best sum up Align probiotics – digestive support.

There are many probiotics available and Align is one of, if not the most popular probiotics on the market.

Doctors and gastroenterologists recommend this daily, one capsule routine.

Align probiotics is gluten free and aims to assist in the following ways.

  • It promotes and supports a healthy digestive system
  • It strengthens your digestive system with healthy or good bacteria on a constant basis
  • It helps the patient maintain a healthy bacteria balance

What is Bifidobacterium 35624?

That’s a good question.

It’s a unique and patented probiotic strain found only in Align Probiotics.

It contains one part per billion of live bacteria and offers the necessary support for a healthy bacteria balance until at least the “best by” date as shown on the container.

It helps the consumer in promoting good health in their digestive system.

There are surveys and tests which strongly support the benefits of Bifidobacterium 35624.

In Britain, a group of women who suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, were found to have achieved a significant improvement in their health and IBS condition after only four weeks of taking probiotics with Bifidobacterium 35624.

The American Journal of Gastroenterology published a study showing how Bifidobacterium 35624 supports good stomach health and digestion.

When does it help?

Its benefits really come to the fore when your bacteria balance comes under attack.

When does that happen? Well people are individuals and different situations affect people in different ways.

But generally speaking, times of stress, long journeys, and dietary changes will often impact the digestive health of an individual.

Getting their bacteria balance right is crucial to their good health.

If they need to perform at the top of their game, feeling terrific is essential.

This is a perfect setting for using supplements to assist your body’s natural growth and maintenance.

What happens when your gut health suffers?

In simple terms, the walls or lining of your intestine come under attack when you don’t have enough of the good bacteria.

Toxins get busy and the health of your gut suffers.

If left unchecked, these toxins can take a free ride in your blood and impact other parts of your body.

From a simple lack of attention to your digestive health, major issues may evolve.

This is where probiotics play a leading role and where Align with its unique strain of Bifidobacterium 35624 is a wonderful asset to you maintaining good health.

Daily consumption of Align Probiotics does much more than maintain a healthy gut.

You do not want bacterial growth of the wrong kind establishing itself in your intestine.

You can give your natural immune system a serious boost with the right probiotic.

Alternatives to Probiotics

Of course there are other ways to tackle digestive problems.

Some people undertake a radical change to their diet.

They cut out whole varieties of food to try and remove their irritable bowel syndrome or stop their bloated condition after meals.

Some people take up mental activities designed to help them relax and feel better.

Others adopt an exercise regime trying to establish better health.

And each of these activities no doubt has their benefits,

But if you wish to establish a healthy digestive system and, of course, maintain it, then the right supplement has a proven track record.

Only Align Probiotics has the patented Bifidobacterium 35624 strain.

How it originated

It is important to know that Align with Bifidobacterium 35624 was developed by a team of gastroenterologists working for about a decade to create this natural probiotic, and that this particular strain is only found in Align.

What’s inside?

If you are interested, and it’s important to have an enquiring mind, in the contents and recommended dosage together with the possible side effects of taking Align, here are the facts.

There are a number of natural ingredients in Align including milk, microcrystalline, sucrose and gellan gum.

The probiotic should be stored at room temperature and the capsules should be kept in their airtight blister wrapping until ready for use.

Parents should supervise the taking of Align by children and a maximum of one capsule a day is the recommended dosage.

Some people taking Align for the first time may experience a feeling of bloating or gas.

This is not unusual and is caused by your system becoming used to having a supplement designed to help your digestive health.

Align Support

The manufacturers provide detailed and helpful support for everyone choosing to help their digestive health with Align.

A great deal of support is provided online at

Further avenues of support are available by phone and email.

So detailed is the support offered that Align provide an eight-week guide as to your progress in first taking advantage of the many benefits of the probiotic.

All is revealed online.

It’s important to know the facts about Align.

The fact that it is hugely popular with consumers around the world will give you confidence.

But there are some things Align is not.

It is not a medicine or a drug.

It is a dietary supplement which is why it does not need to be reviewed by the FDA.

This statement is required by law (the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act). Under this legislation,

Align is able to state that, “The safety of Bifidobacterium 35624™—the probiotic ingredient in Align—has been reviewed by the FDA as part of the “new dietary ingredient” (NDI) notification process and was accepted by the FDA for filing.”

What conditions does it help?

Everyone is different and Align will help different people in different ways.

The main purpose of Align is to promote and support a healthy digestive system.

From that many benefits flow.

Irritable bowel syndrome and constipation can be caused by different things.

It’s important that you consult a gastroenterologist for your specific needs.

These medical professionals are able to assess your specific concerns regarding your digestive health.

As has been reported, Align is the probiotic referred by more gastroenterologists.

Common Questions about Align Probiotic

The recommended dosage is one capsule a day.

This is because Align research shows that, for most people, this dosage is the one most likely to give you the maximum health benefit.

If you miss taking an Align capsule, there is no need to worry.

Nor is there a need to catch up as it were, by taking two tablets the following day.

Simply resume your normal routine.

Some people worry about taking Align as well as their medication such as antibiotics.

There should be no impact on either the medication or the probiotics but to be sure, consult your medical professional to obtain the best advice.

Do not consider Align as a replacement for any digestive medication you may already be talking.

Align is a supplement and not a substitute for your prescription medication.

Align can be taken as a capsule you swallow with water or it comes in a chewable tablet form with a great taste as in banana and strawberry.

For those who prefer to chew rather than swallow, both Align capsules/tablets have the same probiotic strain relied on for years by millions of consumers.

There is even a cherry-flavoured chewable tablet for kids who take Align.

The time it takes for the benefits of taking Align vary from person to person.

Someone with a good or better balance of their bacteria may see the benefits sooner.

Someone who needs an increase in their good bacteria may take a little longer.

It’s important to remember that a single capsule or tablet a day is the way millions of Align consumers have discovered the way to a healthier digestive system.

There is no set time to take your Align supplement.

It can be easier to remember if you have it at the same time every morning.

You could take your Align probiotics when you take any other medication or when you have your breakfast.

Having a routine is a good way to be consistent. And please note that you don’t need to take Align with food.

You can but it is not necessary.

There are different ways to take Align remembering its purpose is to strengthen the health of your digestive system.

Align contains a unique bacteria which works within your body at all times.

It’s a 24/7 health supplement.

If you have allergies, Align recommends you consult your health professional.

For example, Align contains milk and milk protein.

Likewise there may be minute traces of soy in Align.

To be sure your allergies are not impacted; discuss the supplement with your medical professional.

Storage of your Align probiotics capsules does not require refrigeration.

Keep them in their blister packs at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

The unique ingredient – The Bifidobacterium 35624 – in Align has been freeze-dried in the manufacturing process meaning no refrigeration is required.

It also means the Align probiotics supplement is effective for up to 24 months in its airtight blister containers.

The manufacturers recommend that you do not take the Align capsules out of their original packaging and place them in pill containers.

This long shelf life of Align is an additional benefit and particularly so for people who live a hectic lifestyle.

There are no known side effects for people taking Align.

Clinical studies using a sugar pill as a placebo and Align showed little or no difference between effects.

As with all supplements, check with your medical professional first.

Align is not addictive, is safe to take every day and should your condition change – you become pregnant or become seriously ill – always check with your doctor.

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Align Probiotics: A Comprehensive Review
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