Best Iodine Supplement: Top 7 Iodine Supplements in 2019

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Has your doctor recommended you take iodine supplementation for your health?

Maybe you’re unsure of what iodine really is and how it can benefit you?

How much is too much?

We’ve done a little research and found all the facts you need to know about taking an iodine supplement so you don’t have to do the hard yards.

Read on to get clued in on the essential and beneficial world of iodine and find out what the best iodine supplement in the market is today.  

What is iodine?

Iodine is a trace element that is essential for health but is not produced by the body naturally so it must be ingested.

It can be found in foods like garlic, seaweed, salmon, canned tuna, shellfish, spinach and iodized salt to name a few sources.

Most people get enough iodine in their diet and don’t need to worry about having a possible deficiency.

However, for those who do, it can cause quite a lot of health issues that are hard to ignore:

  • Goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland in your neck)
  • Stillbirth and decreased fertility
  • Weight gain
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Decreased immune function
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin

Iodine is so essential to health that some countries now add small amounts of it to their drinking water and iodise their salt to make sure we’re ingesting it on a regular basis.

If you do get enough iodine it will assist with the normal growth and development of your body and brain.

The thyroid gland in your neck actually stores around 60% of the iodine in your body.

The thyroid gland is responsible for your metabolic processes including burning fat and utilizing calories efficiently.

Too little or too much iodine can cause issues with your thyroid gland as this medical article explains, so it’s essential you know what you should be taking and that you speak to a doctor first if you’re considering taking an iodine supplement.

Generally though, the limit is 1,100 mcg a day for adults and you shouldn’t be getting any less than 20 mcg of iodine a day or you will put your thyroid at risk.

How can iodine supplements benefit me?

If you’re not getting enough iodine in your diet and your doctor has given you the go ahead to start taking supplements, then get excited! Getting the right amount of iodine a day carries a huge number of health benefits, here are a few main ones:


As mentioned above, the thyroid gland controls your body’s metabolic function.

Iodine helps to produce the hormones that are necessary for a healthy metabolic rate.

This can affect your sleeping pattern and the way in which your body absorbs food to convert it into energy.


Speaking of energy, that’s something everyone needs a bit more of right?

Basically, normal amounts of iodine regulates optimal energy levels in your body by using your calories for fuel.

So, if you’re feeling fatigued often, an iodine deficiency may be the culprit!


This may be the most important function of iodine.

Cancer cells actually shrink when injected with iodine and can experience apoptosis, which means the cancerous cell dies instantly.

Due to this, the correct iodine levels can help to prevent cancer and decrease cancer symptoms in sufferers. Amazing, right?

Healthy skin and hair

Lack of iodine can cause dull, brittle hair with a tendency to fall out and lackluster skin.

However, if you have enough, this handy little element can actually speed up your hair growth and give you that glowing skin everyone craves.

Boosts the immune system

Iodine is known to seek out and destroy free radicals and increase your antioxidant activity which both work together to give your immune system a major boost and help to fight off disease.

Pregnancy and development

Pregnant women need to ensure they’re getting the correct levels of iodine throughout their pregnancy and afterwards.

From preventing stillbirths to ensuring the proper cognitive growth of the child, iodine is essential when creating new life.

Aiming for 220 mcg during pregnancy and 290 mcg when breastfeeding is ideal.

Preventing hypothyroidism and goiter

When your thyroid is not as active as it should be, all chemical balances in the body will get a bit out of whack.

This may mean you notice weight gain, dry skin, cramps, constipation and more which, if left untreated, can develop into much more serious health issues like comas or heart failure.

The most common sign of hypothyroidism is goiter, which is the swelling of the thyroid gland and can lead to difficulty swallowing or breathing – so getting enough iodine is extremely important!

Tips and tricks for purchasing iodine supplements

Here’s a few quick tips for you if you’re looking to purchase an iodine supplement and you’re not quite sure where to start:

Speak to a doctor first

We cannot stress this enough.

Before you start taking an iodine supplement, chat to your doctor about it as they will be able to assess you and let you know if it’s safe for you to be doing so.

Check the dosage

Make sure you’re getting the correct amount of iodine and not a drop more. Keep it well below 1,100 mcg a day, which is the absolute limit unless specifically advised otherwise by your doctor.

Once a day dose

If you can, try to get an iodine supplement that you only need to take one dose of once a day.

This will make everything a lot easier and decrease your risk of missing out on a daily dose by forgetting to take the correct amount.

Added nutrients

As with any supplement, always go for the one that contains added vitamins and minerals and isn’t made in a way that exposes the product to any harmful toxins or chemicals.

Also, try to avoid supplements with unnecessary fillers.

Liquid or solid

When it comes to iodine supplements these are the main two forms it comes in.

Capsules or tablets may be a more convenient option but liquid form is easier and quicker to absorb.

You’ll have to have a think about which one will work better for you, consult your doctor if unsure.

7 best iodine supplements

So now you know what you’re looking for and you’re equipped with a heap of knowledge on iodine supplements, take a look at our top recommendations below and how they can work for you!

#7 Iodoral High Potency by OPTIMOX

Our Rating: 3 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar rating

The name says it all, this is a very high potency iodine supplement that pushes the boundaries of the recommended daily limit, so use with caution.

The two main ingredients are iodine and iodide, which is just an easier to absorb form of iodine, so you know you’re getting what you need without the frills.

It’s a little more on the expensive side but this product has almost 2000 reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. It’s also one tablet daily to make things easier.

They’ve justified their higher serving of iodine with research on their official product website which can be found here.

As always, remember to consult a doctor first if you’re planning on using this or any of the supplements below supplement.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • Almost 2000 reviews on Amazon and 4.5/5 overall star rating
  • Research on official product site to back up higher dose of iodine
  • Once daily tablet
  • Main ingredients are iodine and iodide

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • 7.5 mg (7500 mcg of iodine) which is above the daily limit and should only be used with a recommendation from your doctor
  • No extra nutrients/minerals
  • Expensive

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#6 Swanson Premium Kelp

Our Rating: 3 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar rating

If you’re new to the iodine world and are looking for somewhere cheap and simple to start off, then this is the supplement for you.

It’s got one of the best price points in the market and contains a great 225 mcg of iodine which is excellent for beginners and can be increased later if needed.

The bottle contains 250 tablets which will last you almost an entire year as it’s a once daily dose.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • Once daily tablet dose
  • Extremely cheap
  • 250 tablets per bottle
  • Iodine sourced from kelp

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • Contains magnesium stearate which is not absorbed well by the body
  • May contain traces of shellfish so not suitable for vegetarians
  • No added minerals or vitamins

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#5 Pure Encapsulations Potassium Iodide

Our Rating: 4 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

This is a simple supplement that delivers 225 mcg of iodine per capsule into your body in the form of potassium iodide.

There’s no fillers, it’s completely vegetarian and the price is pretty good too. If you’re simply looking for pure iodine and nothing else, this is the product for you.

The low dosage per capsule means if you need to tweak your dosage a bit by increasing it you can do so safely and still remain under the daily limit.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • 225 mcg of iodine
  • No added fillers
  • Vegetarian
  • Good price

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • No added vitamins or minerals

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#4 Nature’s Way Kelp

Our Rating: 4 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

This excellent iodine supplement from Nature’s Way is vegetarian and made with kelp, as the name suggests.

It’s got 300 mcg of iodine per capsule with 35 mg of sodium and no other fillers or ingredients.

A simple supplement that will do what you need for an amazing price point.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • 300 mcg of iodine per capsule
  • Once daily capsule
  • No fillers or preservatives
  • Vegetarian
  • Non GMO
  • Extremely cheap

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • No added vitamins or minerals

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#3 NOW Foods Kelp Caps

Our Rating: 4 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

NOW foods has done it again with another great all-rounder product that’s pushed it almost to the top of our list.

Kelp is known to be one of the best sources of iodine you can get, and better yet, it’s all naturale!

The 250 mcg of kelp in a capsule contains an excellent hit of 325 mcg of iodine per serving which is about 217% of your daily needs and does not come close to exceeding the maximum daily limit.

With such a great, simple product from a well known company like NOW foods, you absolutely cannot go wrong with this iodine supplement.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • Once a day capsule
  • 325 mcg of iodine
  • 150 mcg of dulse
  • Minimal fillers
  • Excellent price ($8.50 for about 8 months’ worth)

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • No added nutrients or vitamins

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#2 LL’s Magnetic Clay Nascent Iodine

Our Rating: 5 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

If you need your iodine to be absorbed quicker and more efficiently than it is when it’s in tablet or capsule form, then this supplement is exactly what you want.

Each drop of this supplement contains 400 mcg of iodine which is an excellent hit to have you seeing results in no time.

It’s said that the bottle contains over 2000 drops and with each drop being one serving, the higher price point is definitely worth it.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • 400 mcg of iodine per drop
  • Over 2000 drops per bottle
  • One drop needed per day (can be increased if necessary as long as kept below daily limit)
  • Faster absorption as in liquid form

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • Expensive
  • No added vitamins or minerals
  • Liquid form may not be as convenient as capsule/tablet form

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

#1 Zhou Nutrition – Thyroid Support Complex with Iodine

Our Rating: 5 Stars star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

This product makes it to the top of the list due to all the extra goodies it’s got in it.

Along with around 150 mcg of iodine per serving (2 capsules), it’s also got magnesium, copper, vitamin B12 and more in each dose.

Not only with this help with your thyroid and speed up your metabolism but this supplement is vegetarian, gluten and soy free and non GMO.

This iodine supplement is one that will improve your health in leaps and bounds in more ways than one.

pros iodine supplementPROS

  • 150 mcg of iodine per serving (2 capsules)
  • Added vitamins and minerals
  • Designed to help the thyroid, metabolic function and mental focus

cons iodine supplementCONS

  • 2 capsules daily
  • Contains some fillers
  • On the more expensive side

Price: Click here to check the price on Amazon’s website

Best Iodine Supplement: Top 7 Iodine Supplements in 2019
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