The Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas: An Honest Review

 The Truth About Cellulite by Joey Atlas: An Honest Review

Truth About Cellulite

Have you ever sat down at your computer and searched for cellulite cures or remedies to reduce its appearance? Most likely.

Every day thousands of women spend hours digging through the metaphorical box of internet information on the truth about cellulite.

The amount of content is overwhelming to say the least.

The list of cures, secret ingredients and miracle creams is as long as my arm.

It is understandable that so many options and suggestions are available.

Not only is it such a common ailment, but because it’s so common; businesses and entrepreneurs realise that they can make money off of it.

The trick is finding the correct, scientifically-backed information without breaking the bank.

That’s where we come in.

There’s no misleading information here.

Our job is to provide complete transparency by evaluating (and scrutinizing) the latest trends and claims of the health and wellness industry.


Can you really get rid of cellulite?

can you really get rid of cellulite
Many wonder if it’s really possible to cure cellulite?

Cellulite is in fact permanent (to some extent).

It effects over 90% of women and scientific experiments and studies have thoroughly investigated creams, medical procedures, technology and other miracle cure claims to rule out their effectiveness and ability to cure cellulite.

cellulite causes
Solutions that do not address the causes are generally ineffective

Most of these alternatives are not addressing the cause of cellulite which in fact lies within our second layer of skin, the dermis.

Cellulite occurs when the connective tissue within the dermis weakens due to lack of collagen and elasticity.

This is caused by many factors such as poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, ageing and hormones.

When the connective tissue isn’t as taut as it should be, fat deposits from the the deeper subcutaneous tissue (the hypodermis) poke upwards.

This creates the effect we know as cellulite.

So you can understand that there is a lot going on under our skin.

When someone claims that their cream will fix your cellulite, it’s likely to be an attempt to scam you out of your hard earned cash.

The Truth About Cellulite program

A snippet from the main sales page of the program

That brings me to some of the more believable options available online – the ones that focus on being healthier along with diet improvements or regular exercise.

I stumbled across Joey Atlas’ The Truth About Cellulite program and I was intrigued.

Joey has created his program with fitness as the main priority.

I really appreciate health and wellness figures who promote lifestyle improvement to fix concerns instead of businesses trying to sell you quick fixes that don’t actually fix anything.

There is a lot of information available online about The Truth About Cellulite; discussions regarding its effectiveness, as well as if it’s a scam.

I found my way to one of his websites (there’s actually multiple domains owned by Joey) and thought I’d give it a go.


Is Joey Atlas legit?

Joey Atlas Image
Joey Atlas

As usual, I like to do my own investigation into individuals such as Joey Atlas.

I found his YouTube channel as well as a few media appearances.

He’s a real guy and he’s definitely passionate about staying active based on his healthy physique and the way that he discusses fitness with his viewers.

Depending on what you like to read up on, there’s a lot of positive reviews regarding results of The Truth About Cellulite.

I tend to take these with a grain of salt as the websites and some of the YouTube video’s appear to be paid for.

As you’d expect, there’s also negative content online about the program, but I was interested to have a detailed look at Joey’s original content.

The cellulite video presentation

truth-about-cellulite sales page
Although it starts slow, there’s some good content at the end of the video so try to watch the whole thing if you can

One of the first enticing lines is Joey’s claim to get you tighter skin within 7-10 days and only more impressive results for every passing week thereafter.

He wants you to commit for one month, based on his assurance that you will have significant visible results.

The landing page is a video explaining the program.

If you’ve investigated or watched the video for The Cellulite Factor Solution, it is the same concept; a series of animated diagrams.

You don’t get to see Joey Atlas in the flesh but it is assumed that it’s his voice-over speaking to you while a little hand and pencil bring his explanations to life.

It is clear that he is here to try and convince us that we need his guidance to destroy cellulite.

Joey highlights his education stating he has two degrees in exercise physiology.

He also claims to have twenty three years of experience and clients in 193 countries across the globe.

What’s with all the brand names?

The animations regularly show beautiful slim women, implying to the viewer that they are the “after” look.

Apparently, because The Truth About Cellulite will give you the smooth, tight and sexy lower body of a model.

There’s a lot of branding going on with this program which seems a bit scattered.

His program, or maybe it’s his concept, is called The Truth About Cellulite.

His videos and the cellulite fitness program are also known as The Naked Body.

Lastly, he also pushes the title, The Symulast Method – the entire concept behind why his program works for eradicating cellulite.

Program principles

These principles are important to know – regardless of what cellulite program you are trying

While you watch the animated diagrams, Joey runs through his program principles:

  • you must know what cellulite is;
  • you must know what makes it worse and;
  • you must know about his “only proven way” of eliminating cellulite

He then explains those principles in more detail.

After this he touches on incorrect exercise and muscle atrophy as the causes of cellulite.

Muscle atrophy is weak muscle mass, quite often related to severe inactivity or serious health conditions.

Joey explains that weak muscle fibres allow fat to poke through the dermis and cause cellulite.

This is consistent with scientific research regarding cellulite.

Although honestly, I’ve not ever seen a medical journal put as much emphasis on muscle atrophy as he does (perhaps he’s onto something).

Moving on, Joey wants you to understand his logical and “proven way” to destroy cellulite.

He even includes three testimonials from women who state they have tried and succeeded with the program.

What is the ‘Symulast Method’?

This brings us to the Symulast Method.

It is a simpler way of saying  “Synergistic Muscle Layer Stimulation” which Joey explains is his secret method to getting that bikini body.

The video outlines the Symulast Method as a multi-dimension workout for your muscles which are suffering from muscle atrophy.

The exercises only target the lower body but he also offers a free arm and stomach workout for buyers of his program.

With the 90+ muscles we have from our waist down, the Symulast Method activates all of these while you complete his exercises with the correct tempo and sequence.

The exercises are all home-based and there’s no equipment required.

Furthermore, you are recommended to run through the sequences three times a week, taking less than twenty minutes.

The concept is promoted as a 28-day success method for regular, every day women.

Joey does not touch on weight loss.

He completely focuses on tightening your muscles in the thighs and buttocks for success.

What does it include?

Truth about cellulite contents
The program is in digital form and includes a great deal of content

I was keen to see the program for myself so I organised payment and waited for access.

When assessing value for money, at this stage I thought $49.95 seems reasonable for guidance on fitness as well as the added bonuses the video claims you shall receive.

The Truth About Cellulite works as an online / electronic guide or coaching program to its customers.

Upon payment you are issued with:

  • Access to the website
  • Online video’s of each exercise with detailed instructions on how to correctly perform them
  • The Naked Beauty Symulast Method E-Book (aka The Truth About Cellulite)
  • A schedule for exactly when you should be completing the exercises
  • The Anti Cellulite Cardio Summary explaining why certain types and routines of cardio are more effective than others
  • The Gone For Good schedule that assists with sticking to your regime and maintaining your body for the long term
  • A subscription to the Cellulite Files newsletter

The online exercise tutorials are what you’ll be spending most of your time with.

Joey is proud of the no-gym element of his program.

He wants the regime to be as easy as it can be for his customers.

The tutorials also include Australian fitness figure, Belinda Benn. A

lso known as “Your Aussie Transformation Coach”.

The exercises are focused on your lower body and include lunges, squats and leg lifts.

It is fair to assume that you will build muscle and lose fat with these comprehensive leg and thigh workouts when performing them regularly.

The first video starts out quite slow as the moves are explained in detail.

They do get a lot faster as you move further along.

The Naked Beauty Symulast Method E-Book is almost a written version of the online tutorials.

It has drawings of each exercise to help you understand the correct positioning for the best results.

The Anti Cellulite Cardio Summary also shows its readers the correct cardio exercises for cellulite and weight reduction.

This highlights that some cardio is ineffective in tackling cellulite.

Negatives of The Truth About Cellulite

What about The Naked Body/Symulast Method could be improved:

disadvantages cellulite factor solutionThere’s no scientific evidence to back up the Symulast Method or the technical claims regarding muscle atrophy.

disadvantages cellulite factor solutionThe testimonials within the intro video do not show any photos of the three women testifying – no before or after and no footage of them speaking.

disadvantages cellulite factor solutionThe major let down of this program is the lack of diet discussion. I found it surprising that a nutritious diet is not touched on. Obviously, Joey is focused on tightening and toning muscles.

However there is there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the claim of diet being an effective way to get results.

I find it hard to imagine a participant gorging on fast food and chocolate every day while completing the Symulast Method and reaching a satisfactory result within twenty-eight days.

Positives of The Truth About Cellulite

Overall, I liked Joey Atlas’ perspective on cellulite reduction through strength training.

Here are the positives:

This cellulite reduction / cure technique is based on being active on a regular basis. There is no downside to that even if you can’t completely eradicate cellulite.

During the promotional video he does spend some time explaining that expensive cures are a waste of money stating that fad fixes such as creams are just going to take your money and leave you disappointed.

The e-book covers the exercises for multiple fitness levels just in case you’re advanced or alternatively, if you’re new to exercise

The $49.95 price is quite affordable and fair. You’re watching visibly fit and healthy people demonstrate some interesting and straight forward techniques with a coaching perspective and there’s lots of exercises to get through. Additionally, the other content included in the price is reasonable and likely to make your life easier while motivating you to commit.

There is a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied buyers and not only that, it’s a one-off cost with no subscriptions or extra charge for bonus materials.

After digging around, I found the program offers direct communication with Joey Atlas and I have read reviews that claim he responds to all emails promptly.


In conclusion,  I still find the program to be fairly promising.

I rate The Truth About Cellulite, Naked Body Symulast Method with 4.2 stars.

Anything that is encouraging people to get active, avoid gym membership rates and practice fitness is a positive in my eyes.

More importantly, I feel that Joey is onto something with his focus on muscle atrophy.

Doing the correct strength training exercises can improve blood flow, enhance skin tone and strengthen the connective tissue.

In a relatively short space of time (2 weeks) I have already noticed visible improvements.

The program has a few flaws; the lack of diet advice being one of them, but overall, you’re not being scammed out of $49.95.

There’s a lot of content and positive enforcement that you receive in return.

It’s worth the specific guidance from someone who is quite clearly passionate and experienced with fitness.

All you need is the dedication and time to stick with it for a few months and see how you go with your own personal results.

Just take your time and be proud of your own progress.

There’s no need to expect to look like a Victoria’s Secret model as this program implies.

Truth about cellulite download link


The Truth About Cellulite is initially promoted as $700.00 USD in value, marked down to $99.00 USD.

However the final price by the time the video ends is $49.95 USD.

According to Joey, the free arm and stomach exercise video’s (which are thrown into the package) are $200.00 USD in value.

Lastly, he will happily refund your $49.95 if you’re unsatisfied after sixty days of sticking to the program.

Alternatively, you can purchase a DVD for an additional charge and wait for it to arrive in the mail.

This may be a more suitable option for those with unreliable internet.

* I was not paid to review The Truth About Cellulite and these conclusions were drawn solely by myself and my experiences.

5/5 - (1280 votes)

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  • Hi. After doing the symulast excercises for a month, have u noticed any improve from week 2? And by a rate of 25%, 50 %,75% and 100%, how would u rate your cellulite improvement after doing symulast?

    • Hi Lisa, Yes I’ve noticed a marked improvement. However results will vary across individuals.

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